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  1. Peroxisome
    membraneous sacs in cytoplasm containing powerful enzymes, detoxifies harmful substances
  2. Cytoskeleton
    litterally cell skeleton
  3. Lysosome
    organelles that originate from the golgi apparatus and contain strong digestive enzymes
  4. Golgi Appararatus
    membraneous system close to the cell nucleus that packages protein secretions for export
  5. Flagella
    long, whiplike extension of the plasma membrane of some bacteria of sperm, propells the cell
  6. Cisternae
    any cavity or enclosed space serving as a reservoir
  7. Cilia
    tiny, hairlike projections on cell surfaces that move in a wavelike manner
  8. Mitochondria
    Cytoplasmic organelles responsible for ATP generation for cellular activities
  9. Cytosol
    Viscous, semitransparent fluid substance of cytoplasm in which other elements are suspended
  10. Smooth ENdoplasmic Reticulum
    membraneous system of sacs and tubies, free of ribosomes, site of lipid and steroid synthesis
  11. Centrosome
    A region near the nucleus which contains paired organelles called centrioles
  12. Chromosomes
    Barlike bodies of tightly coiled chromatin, visible during cell division
  13. Chromati
    structures in the nucleus that carry the hereditary factors
  14. Nuclear envelope
    the double membrane barrier of a cell nucleus
  15. Nucleoi
    Dense spherical bodies in the cell nucleus involved with ribosomal subunit synthesis and storage
  16. Basal Bodies
    an organelle structurally identical to a centriode and forming the base of a cilium or flagellum
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