Anthro Wk 3

  1. Concepts and Characters
  2. Olomal-delegation of women seeking fertility blessing
    • Enkirro-Cattle compensation by family of murderer to family of someone killed. Payment of enkirro ruins blessing of olomal
    • Kisaru-young childless woman
    • Kisaju-postmenopausal woman
    • Ole Kopio-prominent man who agreed to host blessing of Olomal
    • Manta-main negotiator for women
  3. What will the groups of women (delegations) do with the money they collect?
    They spend it on sugar for beer to serve the elder men, to get the blessing so that they have can have children
  4. Are nursing mothers exempt from attending the delegation to bring sheep?
  5. What happens when women of the Olomal chase a man?
    They go and have sex in a forest.
  6. What threatens to prevent the women’s delegation from succeeding?
    Enkirro – the family of the murderer has to compensate the family of the victim of the murder.
  7. Kissaru was blessed before but is still childless. Why does she think this time will be different?
    She was not sexually mature. She feels that her breasts were too small.
  8. Why do women leave the home of the man whose blessing they seek?
    They only have so many cows and many people to feed, so it is asking them to look for food elsewhere.
  9. How do women seek to use the Kenya Tanzania border to argue for holding the blessing?
    Since it occurred on the other side of the border in Tanzania, they feel that it is unfair for their side to interfere with their traditions
  10. How do women react when the host announces that he will not give the blessing?
    They begin to have fits of howling and rage.
  11. Why does the host (Ole Kopio) tell the women not to leave after he cancelled their blessing?
    He is afraid that his cows will die and that his children will die, and then he will die.
  12. Why did the men change their minds and decide to give the women a blessing even though a death compensation is imminent?
    The danger that was perceived to the host.
  13. Which women have no right to snatch and elder’s snuff box?
    Woman who have had no children through the fault of her own, or have had sex while pregnant.
  14. Were the women satisfied by the ceremonial blessing performed by the men?
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