Anthro Wk 3

  1. What kind of issues are likely to improve the status of minority groups? Which kind of issues may reinforce the low status of a minority group?
    Woman's Suffrage
  2. Which kind of Maasai women’s solidarity is likely to raise their status? Why?
    Mother hood, having many children. It differentiates them from men
  3. Under what circumstance do Maasai women fine and punish men?
    They fine people for exposing their genitals, or for drinking milk in presence of girls (basically moral code)
  4. What is the location of Llewellyn-Davies’ field site?
  5. What was the subsistence strategy of the Maasai studied by Llewelyn-Davies?
    They are herders
  6. Who builds a Maasai woman's house?
    Adult women builds her own house
  7. What is Maasai women’s work? According to Maasai what would happen to an adult man who did women’s work? What decisions do only men make?
    • Get the water and the firewood, take care of their children, milk the cows.
    • If a man does these things… they would “die” The men make the decisions of disposition of cattle
  8. Who owns the cows a woman milks? Whose cows does she milk when her husband dies?
    Husband owns them, woman milks them, the son will own them when he dies.
  9. Tell the myth which provides a charter for why Maasai women do not own animals. How does the myth link child bearing and inferiority?
    • They used to own them, and one day they slaughtered a cow and ate the kidney so now all the wild animals belong to them.
    • It links inferiority and child bearing because they are seen as selfish because they favor their sons over the group
  10. What are the age categories for Maasai males? Maasai females?
    • Elders > moran > uncircumcised boys
    • N/A >Circumcised woman > uncircumcised girls
  11. Which sex is ready for marriage just after circumcision among the Maasai?
  12. What forbidden sex do warrior have?
    Sex with circumsized women
  13. How does the seclusion of Maasai warriors affect Maasai family composition?
    It enales the elders to have more wives
  14. Which Maasai age categories have sex that is approved by elders? Who punishes whom by beating? Who should not be seen eating by whom?
    Elders and circumcised women. Warriors with girls. The elders can beat the circumcised women. And the Moran beat the uncircumsized girls. Elders should not eat in front of girls, moran should not eat in front of circumsized women, boys that are not supposed to engaged in sexual activity may eat in front of anyone
  15. Where does a woman live after she marries? Describe the treatment of a new bride by the women of her new village.
    She moves to her husband’s village, the other women scream threats and insults to her “she is ugly, she is known to be a thief” and so on
  16. Who actually blesses a women’s delegation (olomal)?
    An elder who is still fertile, and cannot be drunk.
  17. What does Llewelyn-Davies mean by the term ‘adultery’?
    Having sex with a man that is younger than her husband’s age group.
  18. How does a Maasai husband punish a wife for ‘adultery’? How does she act afterwards?
    Beats her 40 strokes and fines her 9 cattle. She will still go back to her lover.
  19. How common is ‘adultery’ among Maasai women?
    Very common. If a woman does not, she is ridiculed by the other women.Questions for the video
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