Anthro Wk 3

  1. According to the old woman what work do Masai men do?
    Woman say that they do nothing. Yong men take cows out and herd hem until their sons are old enough to take over.
  2. Why do Masai women want polygyny?
    There is a lot of work to do and another wife is more help to get them done
  3. What must happen to a Masai woman before she marries?
    She must get circumcised, making her a woman.
  4. How can a Masai man achieve immortality?
    By having descendants
  5. Do Masai men and women disagree about anything?
    Woman taking lovers
  6. How are Masai women active agents (acting in their own interests)?
    Choosing a lover, and giving their children away to woman that do not have any. Also, asking for cows as a new wife.
  7. What is the proud moment for a Maasai mother?
    When a son becomes an elder from a warrior.
  8. Tell the myth that gives a charter to exclude Masai women from inheritance.
    Moral: Woman can not own cattle.
  9. Based on the video "Masai Women" tell the gender roles of a Masai females through the stages of childhood, womanhood, and widowhood.
  10. Childhood: Run errands
    • Womanhood: Getting married, move to their husbands place, maintain and milk their husbands herd and ideally have sons.
    • Widowhood: move in with son, who takes her husbands cattle, if she has no son she becomes a beggar.
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