1. fateor
    to speak, L
  2. affable
    easy to speak to, approachable
  3. ineffable
  4. dico
    to say, L
  5. dictatorial
    like a dictator
  6. diction
    choice of words
  7. dictum
    an authoritative expression
  8. ditty
    a simple song
  9. edict
    a decree issued by an authority
  10. indict
    to issue a formal charge of a crime
  11. indite
    to write
  12. interdiction
    a prohibition
  13. jurisdiction
    control and authority
  14. malediction
    a curse
  15. valediction
    a bidding farewell
  16. glossa
    tongue, language, G
  17. gloss
    an explanation of a difficult expression
  18. polyglot
    a person who knows several languages well
  19. clamo
    to cry out, L
  20. acclamation
  21. clamor
    a loud outcry
  22. declaim
    to speak loudly
  23. forensic
    formal debate
  24. forum
    the central square of a Roman city
  25. lingua
    speech, language, L
  26. lingo
    unfamiliar language
  27. lingua franca
    a language used by people who do not speak a common tongue
  28. linguist
    a person who speaks several languages
  29. loquor
    to speak, L
  30. circumlocution
    the use of many words when few would do
  31. colloquium
    a meeting for discussion
  32. locution
    a word or expression
  33. loquacious
    very talkative
  34. verbum
    word, L
  35. proverbial
    like a witty folksaying
  36. verbatim
    word for word
  37. verbose
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