Chapter 7

  1. Respiratory System Function-
    The organs of teh respiratory system are sresponsible for bringing fresh air into the lungs, exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide between the air sacs of the lungs and the blood stream, and exhaling the stale air.
  2. What does alveol/o mean?
    alveolus;air sac
  3. What does anthrac/o mean?
  4. What does atel/o mean?
  5. What does bronch/o mean?
  6. What does bronchi/o mean?
  7. What does bronchiol/o mean?
  8. What does coni/o mean?
  9. What does diaphragmat/o mean?
  10. What does epiglott/o mean?
  11. What does laryng/o mean?
  12. What does lob/o mean?
  13. What does nas/o mean?
  14. What does bronchogram mean?
    record of the bronchus
  15. What does bronchoitis mean?
    inflammation of a bronchus
  16. What does bronchoplasty mean?
    surgical repair of a bronchus
  17. What does bronchogenic mean?
    produced by teh bronchus
  18. What does bronchoscope mean?
    instrument to view inside of bronchus
  19. What does bronchospasm mean?
    involuntary muscle spasm of bronchus
  20. What does bronchial mean?
    pertaining to a bronchus
  21. What does bronchiectasis mean?
    dilated bronchus
  22. What does diaphragmatic mean?
    pertaining to the diaphragm
  23. What does laryngectomy mean?
    removal of teh voice box
  24. What does laryngitis mean?
    inflammation fo teh voice box
  25. What does laryngoplasty mean?
    surgical repair of the voice box.
  26. What does laryngoscope mean?
    instrument to view voice box
  27. What does laryngeal mean?
    pertaining to the voice box
  28. What does laryngoplegia mean?
    paralysis of the voice box
  29. What does lobectomy mean?
    removal of a (lung) lobe
  30. What does pulmonology mean?
    Branch of medicine involved in diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of teh respiratory system. Physician is a pulmonologist.
  31. What does rales mean?
    Abnormal crackling sound made during inspiration. Usually indicates the presence of fluid or mucus int he airways.
  32. What does histoplasmosis mean?
    Pulmonary infection caused by teh fungus. Histooplasma capsulatum, found in dust and in the droppings of pigeons and chickens.
  33. What does ABGs mean?
    arterial blood gases
  34. What does antibiotic mean?
    • antibiotic -kills bacteria causing repiratory infections.
    • Generic medicine-ampicillin; amoxicillin, amoxial;ciprofloxacin, cipro
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