Mid Term English 2010

  1. What are the 10 logical fallacies?
    • Ad Hominem
    • Ad Populum
    • Bandwagon
    • Either/or
    • Equivocating
    • Hasty generalization
    • Red Herring
    • Slippery Slope
    • Sob Story
    • Straw Man
  2. Ad Hominem:
    also called attacking the person. When arguing, the statements should be directed at another argument not a person.
  3. Ad Populum
    The argument uses statistics of number of people, because Ad Populum means “for the people,” to establish a fact that may or may not be true. If seventy percent of people believe segregation is moral, that does not make it true.
  4. Bandwagon
    This fallacy assumes that if many people deem something to be truth that, therefore, it must be true.
  5. Either/or
    Everything is black and white. There is no gray area with an issue.
  6. Equivocating
    The words in the argument become too vague because they show the high level of diction rather than supporting the argument. The words can also have two meanings sometimes, which confuse the audience.
  7. Hasty generalization
    Making assumptions without enough proof. From information that may suggest something, the author draws conclusions too soon.
  8. Red Herring
    A concept gets interjected into an argument to distract the audience from the argument.
  9. Slippery Slope
    The argument covers a chain of events usually going from point A to D to G without the middle pieces. Also, the end result is a dire consequence.
  10. Sob Story
    The argument uses too much pathos until the reader does not care about the argument anymore.
  11. Straw Man
    The argument attempts to counterargue with a weak argument from the other side of the argument.
  12. Ethos
    The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement
  13. Arete
    A set of Moral vitrues
  14. Eunoia
    Conveying good will
  15. Phronesis
    Common sense
  16. Logos
  17. Pathos
    Feelings, emotion
  18. What is the American Dream?
    The idea that Americans are all entitled to "Life, Liberty, and ...Happiness" because "all. . . are created equal [and] are endowed by their Creator" to have these rights.
  19. What is American Love?
    A flawed idea largely supported by Disney including "love at first sight" and "true love's first kiss". Not realistic because one mold doesn't fit all.
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