1. the black sheep of the family
    паршивая овца
  2. to be as blind as a bat
    слепой как летучая мышь
  3. you can...till the cows come home, but it won't
    you can do it for a very long time but it won't change anything
  4. a dark horse
    темная лошадка
  5. to be dogged by sth
    sth bad keeps causing you trouble and it will not go away
  6. for donkey's years
    for a very long time
  7. to duck
    to avoid sth which is going to hit you by lowering your head
  8. it is like water off a duck's back for
    как с гуся вода
  9. fishy
  10. to hound sb
    to follow sb (about press)
  11. the lion's share
    львиная доля
  12. to rabbit on (about sth)
    to talk fo a long time in a boring way
  13. ratty
  14. to have a whale of a time
    inf. to really enjoy yourself
  15. a wild goose chase
    to search for sth that one is unlikely to find
  16. to worm your way out of sth
    to avoid doing sth that you don't want to do
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