Anatomy Bones

  1. Occipital
    Back of skull
  2. Occipital Condyle
    Below the occipital bone
  3. Foramen Magnum
    Hole, on middle of head, center of head underneath
  4. Frontal
  5. Parietal (L & R)
    Sides, L & R
  6. Temporal
    Protects brain, base near ear, back from eye
  7. Mastoid Process
    Notch at back by jaw, behind head, hook
  8. Styloid Process
    Pointy, on side of head, in middle by the mastoid process
  9. Sphenoid
    Right behind eye, before temporal
  10. Orbital Fissure
    Hole in eye socket
  11. Coronal Suture
    Crown, above forehead, from ear to ear
  12. Sagittal Suture
    Seperates Left and Right
  13. Lambdoidal Suture
    Over occipital bone on back of head
  14. Maxilla
    Upper lip, below nose
  15. Palatine
    Roof of mouth, palette, top of mouth
  16. Zygomatic
    Front of cheekbones
  17. Zygomatic Arch
    Skinny bone, cheek bone, hole on inside
  18. Nasal
    Top of nose
  19. Mandible
    Chin, bottom of jaw
  20. Cervical Vertebrae
    Neck, including atlas and axis
  21. Thoracic Vertebrae
    Chest, ribs
  22. Lumbar Vertebrae
    Small of back
  23. Sacrum
    Butt, has holes, curved shape
  24. Coccyx
  25. Body of Vertebrae
    Behind the hole, solid center
  26. Spinous Process
    Pointy part, arches on back
  27. Transverse Process
    The wings, shaped like the top of a T
  28. Vertebral Foramen
    Hole in two wings and center, main hole of disk
  29. Intervertebral Foramina
    Hole between two vertebrae, where nerves exit
  30. True Ribs
    First set of ribs, connected to the spine
  31. False Ribs
    Connected by tissue to the sternum
  32. Floating Ribs
    Not connected to sternum, at bottom
  33. Sternum
    Top of chest, ribs connect
  34. Manubrium
    Top of sternum, shaped like a gone
  35. Xiphoid Process
    Small tip at bottom of sternum that sticks out
  36. Pectoral Girdle
    Holds shoulders, connects arms
  37. Scapula (L & R)
    Has socket for arm, Long flat and skinny edge goes towards spine, arm socket points out
  38. Acromion Process
    Knob that comes out, can hold it by
  39. Spine of Scapula
    Long straight edge following from the knob
  40. Glenoid Fossa
    Hole or circle indention under process or knob, circle
  41. Clavicle
    Curve shaped, collarbone
  42. Humerus (L & R)
    Ball at top and other side looks like candy, has an arch to it
  43. Deltoid Tuberosity
    Curve in humerus
  44. Trochlea
    Candy part, raised three bumps
  45. Olecranon Fossa
    On Humerus, bowl on opposite side of candy, attaches to the unla
  46. Ulna
    Has a "U", skinny
  47. Olecranon Process
    On ulna, the U hook or notch
  48. Radius
    Skinny, circle at top
  49. Carpals
    Multiple wrist bones
  50. Metacarpals
    Palm of hand
  51. Phalanges or Digits
    Fingers, proximal, medial, distal
  52. Pelvic Girdle
    Hips, where legs connect
  53. Coxa (L & R)
    Left and right hip bone, elephant ears point out
  54. Ilium
    Top of hip bone
  55. Ischium
    Bottom of hip bone, itchy bottom
  56. Subpubic Angle
    Angle formed by pubic bone, where babies would come out of angle
  57. Pubis
    Where two bones connect,
  58. Acetabulum
    Hole where leg connects
  59. Femur (L & R)
    Large bone, two holes at bottom surround the knee and knob points to hip
  60. Greater Trochanter
    Across from circle knob, hold on to notch
  61. Patellar Groove
    Groove opposite knee hole on femur, on front
  62. Head of Femur
    Knob on femur
  63. Patella
    Square shaped knee bone
  64. Tibia (L & R)
    Notch on inside of ankle and round edge facing out when placed on top of shin, flat on one side and arched on the other
  65. Medial Malleolus
    Notch on tibia, bump for ankle on inside
  66. Fibula
    Long and skinny
  67. Lateral Malleolus
    On outside of ankle bump
  68. Tarsals
  69. Calcaneus
    Heel, hold food by knob
  70. Talus
    Arch of foot above ankle
  71. Metatarsals
    Body of foot, before toes
  72. Phalanges
  73. Cranium
  74. Facial Bones
  75. Atlas
    Two circle knobs on side, holds head, before the axis
  76. Axis
    Has knob and point on top
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