anger and annoyance

  1. a blazing raw
    an argument in which people are very anger and emotional
  2. to blow your top
    to lose your temper and become very angry
  3. to be cross
    to be a little angry
  4. to be crotchety
    bad-tempered and easily made angry
  5. to drive sb up the wall
    to annoy sb
  6. galling
    sth that is annoying, because it seems unfair or wrong
  7. to get on sb's nerves
    to annoy sb
  8. a heated argument
    a bad argument in which people are very angry
  9. to hit the roof
    to lose your temper
  10. to be indignant
    to be very angry because you think sth is unfair or wrong
  11. infuriate
    make angry
  12. irate
    very angry
  13. to be livid
    to be very angry (not before noun)
  14. to be in no mood to
    to be angry and not want to
  15. an outburst
    a sudden explosion of anger
  16. to throw a tantrum
    to start kicking, crying and ect ( about children)
  17. to be touchy
    to be bad-tempered and easy made angry
  18. to be up in arms about sth
    • to be very angry and ready to protest
    • (group reaction)
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anger and annoyance
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