Oral muscles

  1. Geniglossus
    • O: Superior mental spine of mandible
    • I: dorsum of tongue and hyoid bone
    • A: depress and protrude tongue
    • N: hypoglossal
  2. Hyoglossus
    • O: Body and greater horn of hyoid
    • I: Side of tongue
    • A: retract and depress
    • N: hypoglossal
  3. Styloglossus
    • O styloid process and stylohyoid ligament
    • I side of tongue
    • A retracts, draws tongue up during swallowing to form a trough
    • N hypoglossal
  4. Palatoglossus
    • O Palatine aponeurosis of soft palate
    • I side of tongue
    • A elevates posterior tongue
    • N vagus
  5. Tensor veli palatini
    • O medial pterygoid plate, spine of spenoid bone
    • I Palatine aponeurosis
    • A Tense soft palate opens tympanic tube during swallowing
    • N V3
  6. Levator Veli Palatini
    • O cartilage of tympanic tube and temporal bone
    • I Palatine aponerosis
    • A elevates soft palate during swallow
    • N vagus
  7. Palatopharyngeus
    • O Hard palate and aponeurosis
    • I lateral wall of phaynx
    • A tenses soft palate and pulls walls of pharynx superiorly, anteriorly, and medially during swallowing
    • N vegus
  8. Mylohyoid
    • O mylohyoid line of mandible
    • I Raphe and body of hyoid bone
    • A elevate floor of mouth during speech and swallowing
    • N mylohyoid branch of inferior alveolor
  9. Geniohyoid
    • O Inferior mental spine of mandible
    • I body of hyoid bone
    • A pulls hyoid anterior to swallow
    • N C1
  10. Anterior digastric
    • O mandible
    • I intermediate tendon to greater horn of hyoid bone
    • A depress mendible and raises and stabalizes hyoid
    • N V3 mylohyoid
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Oral muscles
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