Comp Vocab 6

  1. Attache
    Member of diplomatic staff, works in an embassy
  2. Bourgeoisie
    Part of society with most of the money, companies, middle class
  3. Charge d'affaires
    Temporary substitute for ambassador, represents leader of his or her government
  4. Confrere
    Fellow member of fraternity, profesion, coworker, collegue
  5. Connoisseur
    Critical judge, expert knowledge or training, informed taste
  6. Coterie
    Clique, small select group who associate with one another
  7. Debutante
    Young woman making formal debut into society
  8. Devotee
    Partisan, Artisan, person devoted or enthusiastic to something
  9. Elite
    Aristocracy, choice part, best or most skilled of group or class of people
  10. Emigre
    Refugee for political conditions, leaves ones countries for another
  11. Entrepreneur
    Person who organizes, operates, and takes risk for business venture
  12. Envoy
    Diplomatic agent, messenger, representative of government of diplomatic mission
  13. Fiance
    Engaged to be married
  14. Gendarme
    Armed police officer or law enforcement, especially in France and Europe
  15. Gourmand
    Lover of good food, glutenous
  16. Ingenue
    Actress playing role of or a naive and innocent young woman
  17. Gourmet
    Connoisseur of fine food and drink
  18. Maitre d'hotel
  19. Martinet
    Person who enforces strict discipline, demand to rules and form
  20. Parvenu
    Rise to higher level without acceptance yet
  21. Protege
    One under care or protection of another
  22. Valet
    Male who performs personal services for another, male maid
  23. Raconteur
    Excels in telling stories
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