AHC 4333.03 Midterm set 3

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    Terracotta Dog with Human Mask, Colima Style, Late formative - 300 BCE, overtly supernatural, rounded angles, naturalism, hairless mexican dogs, highly burnished
  2. Image Upload 2
    Male and Female Couple, Nayarit style, 300 BCE, perhaps marriage portraits interred with the dead, slip painting, geometric clothing, monochromatic
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    Genre scene of the Mesoamerican Ballgame, Nayarit style, 300 BCE, importance of the ballgame, teams, ball, spectators, a sense of architecture (flat ball court)
  4. Image Upload 4
    Stone Temple, model, Mezcala style, 300 BCE, façades not matched by architecture from the region, suggest familiarity with Oaxaca, some facades resemble those of Mound X at Monte Alban, used string-saw technology
  5. Image Upload 5
    Shaft tomb, man made mortuary receptical
  6. Ceramics/ Slip
    A creamy mixture of clay, water, and typically a pigment, used esp. for decorating earthenware.
  7. Burnishing
    polish by rubbing
  8. String-saw technology
  9. Image Upload 6
    Raised fields or chinampas, dredging and manipulating the river or stream, rich organic material, way of preserving water, using rich soil, for agricultural uses
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AHC 4333.03 Midterm set 3
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