Word List 33

  1. obstetrician
    physician specializing in delivery of babies
  2. obstreperous
    boisterous; noisy
  3. obtrude
    to push (oneself or one's ideas) forward or intrude; butt in
  4. obtuse
    stupid; blunt
  5. Occident
    the West
  6. occult
    mysterious; secret; supernatural
  7. oculist
    physician who specializes in treatment of the eyes
  8. odious
    hateful; vile
  9. odium
    detestation; hatefulness; disrepute
  10. odoriferous
    giving off an odor
  11. offhand
    casual; done without prior thought
  12. oligarchy
    government by a privileged few
  13. ominous
  14. omniscient
  15. onomatopoeia
    words formed in imitation of natural sounds
  16. onus
    burden; responsibility
  17. opalescent
    iridescent; lustrous
  18. opiate
    medicine to induce sleep or deaden pain
  19. opportune
    timely; well-chosen
  20. optician
    marker and seller of eyeglasses
  21. optometrist
    an eye glasses doctor
  22. opus
  23. oracular
  24. ordain
    to decree or command
  25. ordinance
    decree; fiat; sanction
  26. ordination
    ceremony of ordaining
  27. ornithologist
    scientific student of birds
  28. orthography
    correct spelling
  29. osseous
    made of bone; bony
  30. ostensible
    apparent; professed or pretended
  31. ostracize
    to exclude from public favor; ban
  32. oust
    to expel; drive out
  33. outmoded
    no longer stylish; old-fashioned
  34. outspoken
    candid; blunt
  35. outstrip
    to surpass; outdo
  36. overbearing
    domineering; dictatorial; haughtily or rudely arrogant; decisively important
  37. overt
    open to view
  38. overweening
    presumptuous; arrogant
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