Beginning Spanish

  1. bailar
    to dance
  2. buscar
    to look for
  3. cantar
    to sing
  4. charlar
    to chat
  5. descansar
    to rest
  6. desear
    to desire, want
  7. enseñar
    to teach
  8. escuchar
    to listen (to)
  9. hablar
    to speak; to talk
  10. llamar (por teléfono)
    to call (on the phone)
  11. llegar a tiempo
    to arrive on time
  12. llevar
    to take; to carry
  13. mirar
    to watch
  14. navegar la red
    to surf the Web
  15. necestar
    to need
  16. pagar (el alquiler)
    to pay (the rent)
  17. pasar (mucho) tiempo
    to spend (a lot of )time
  18. practicar( un deporte)
    to practice(a sport)
  19. regresar (a casa)
    to return(home)
  20. ser(irreg.) puntual
    to be punctual
  21. tocar (la guitarra, el piano)
    to play (the guitar, the piano)
  22. tomar (apuntes, una clase)
    to take (notes, a class)
  23. tomar (café, cerveza)
    to drink ( coffe, beer)
  24. trabajar
    to work
  25. viajar
    to travel
  26. es necesario +infin.
    it´s necessary to (do something)
  27. tiene
    he/she has; you(form.) have
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