Chapter 1: The Middle Ages.txt

  1. Clovis:
    A german who conquered Gaul and created the Frankish kingdom and then became a christian and spread Christianity to gain power.
  2. Charlemagne:
    United Europe and conquered th barbarian. All under the name of Christianity.
  3. Missi Dominici:
    Charlemagnes officals who made sure everyone was treated fairly and that the gov. was fair and honest.
  4. Alcuin:
    Created a curriculum
  5. Cnetral Europe:
    Was considered a frontier land because it was a virgin land with lots of natural resources.
  6. Treaty of Verdun:
    Charlemagne´┐Żs empire was dicided into 3 separate parts for his grandsons.
  7. Feudalism:
    economic system based on land ownership
  8. Vassal:
    person who worked for the lord in exchange for proteccion shelter and land.
  9. Shivelry:
    code of conduct for the knights.
  10. Fief:
    land that lord gives to the vassal.
  11. Surf:
    peasents tied to the land.
  12. Sacraments:
    all religious right that people had t obey.
  13. Charter:
    first set of rules or laws.
  14. Capital:
    money for investment.
  15. Bill of exchange:
    Bill you get from the bank that acts like money
  16. Guild:
    association of people in the same trade
  17. Apprentice:
    Person who enters a guild to learn a trade.
  18. Tithe:
    Church tax.
  19. Aggricultural Revolution:
    • * Iron plow
    • * 3field system
    • * faster production
    • * more to eat
    • * better health
    • * more production
    • * population growth.
    • *
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