1. what are the 5 components to physical fitness
    • cardio
    • muscular strength
    • muscular endurance
    • flexibility
    • body composition
  2. Define Physical fitness
    ability to respond to demands and energy to cope w/out challenge
  3. what is your target heart rate
  4. What are 6 Athletic performance related fitness
    • agility
    • balance
    • coordination
    • power
    • reaction time
    • speed
  5. How do you work out?
    • F Frequency
    • I Intensity
    • T time
    • T type
  6. What is Overload principle
    provide greater stresson body than it's used to
  7. List the 6 dimentions of health
    • physical
    • physcological
    • socia
    • spiritual
    • intilectual
    • environmental
  8. define spirituality
    beleif in higher being
  9. health barriers for minorities are most significant because of
  10. the most commonly used form of complementary & alternative
  11. Praise from family and friends for a job well done is a(n)
    reinforcing factor
  12. skills, resources and accessible facilities are
    enabling factors
  13. knowledge, attitude, beliefs, values and perceptions are
    predisposing factors
  14. maslow beleived that to attain the highest level of psychological health we must first satisfy our basic needs which are
    food and shelter
  15. True or False
    Males as teens have longer attention spans than females
  16. true of false
    people cannot learn to sleep better
  17. true or false
    beliefs are more powerful than knowldege in chaning a health behaviort
  18. True or False
    Wellness is purposeful enjoyable living
  19. list 5 factors that may lead to suicide
    • divorce
    • medication
    • family history
    • substance abuse
    • genes
  20. list 5 types of mental disorders
    • ocd
    • gad (general anxiety disorder)
    • ADHD
    • substance abuse
    • Scitsofrenia
  21. list 5 characteristics of a mentally healthy individual
    • carries out responsiblitites
    • values himself
    • pursues employment that they like
    • has a healthy relationship with friends
    • has a sense of fullfilment in daily activities
  22. sleep effects.....
    • depression
    • headaches
    • memory
    • digestive systme slows down
    • heart reate increases and blood pressure
  23. how to sleep like a baby
    • no caffine
    • dont rely on alchohol
    • keep sleep schedule
    • 7.5 hours of sleep
    • limit daytime naps
  24. levels of maslows pyramid
    • self actualization
    • self esteem and respect
    • love and affection
    • safety-security
    • water food shelter
  25. locus of control
    the sense of being in control of your life
  26. self efficacy
    the beleif in ur ability to change and cope with a challenge
  27. 6 dimentions of health
    • physical
    • phychological
    • spiritual
    • social
    • intellectual
    • environmental
  28. definition of health
    being of sound body, mind and spirit
  29. definition of wellness
    purpuseful enjoyable living. a deliberate lifestyle choice
  30. a mental disorder can be described as a
    behavioral or psychological disorder that impairs an individuals ability to conduct one or more important activities of daily life
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