1. Matt. 23:9
  2. Don’t call anyone else father
  3. Roma 16:25 MB
    • God
    • hid his words in Mystery
  4. Exo. 20:3-5
    • don’t
    • have any other God
  5. A. Kat. p.139
    • Catholics
    • Not allowed to eat meat
  6. Heb. 13:8
    • Jesus
    • is yesterday, today, & forever
  7. C.E. V12 p.270
    • 4th
    • Century is the first time they called the Catholic leader a Pope.
  8. Ninuno pg. 369
    • The
    • Pope is Forbidden to Marry
  9. Apo. 2:1 BTK
    • The
    • angel is the messenger of the church
  10. II Tim. 3:7
    • Always
    • learning but cannot come to understanding.
  11. What happened to the church during the time of the apostles? (Gawa 8:1)
    • They
    • experienced great persecution and were scattered.
  12. How do we distinguish a false prophet? (Mat.
    • Clothed
    • as sheep.
  13. What is the significance of being a Father for the priests? (Heb. 12:9 MB)
    • Father
    • of Spirit.
  14. When was the death of Apostle Peter? (C.E.
    V11 p.750)
    67 o 68 AD.
  15. Who is an example of one who was holy and died, but still did not
    go to heaven? (Acts 2:29,34)
    David did not ascend to heaven
  16. What is bad about not accepting those who were sent? (John 13:20)
    • If
    • you do not accept the messenger then you also do not accept God and Lord Jesus
    • Christ
  17. What is the seal and how is it done? (Eph.
    • the
    • seal is the Holy Spirit and the sealing is the teaching of the Gospel
  18. Who was an Angel that was not a spirit? (Luke 1:19)
    Angel is a messenger of God. An example is bro. FYM.
  19. What is the mark of those who turn away from God? (Rom 13:16,
    Passion Candaba 207)
    Sign of the Cross
  20. Who should we confess our sins to? (Psalms 32:5 KJV)
    We should confess our sins to God
  21. Two Teachings of the devil that is done in the Catholic Church (I
    Tim 4:1,3)
    -Not allowed to eat meat

    -Forbidden to marry
  22. Types of graven images that replaced God? (Romans
    -Images of people

    -Images of birds

    -Images of four legged creatures
  23. States that reside in the Far West (W. Almanac
    76, P. 88





  24. 1.
    Why isnt it true that the mass and the holy
    supper are the same? A.Kat. p. 198
    • They
    • just eat the bread
  25. 1.
    Why isnt it true that the mass and the holy
    supper are the same? Ninuno pg. 305
    They offer christ every time they officiate a Mass
  26. Mat 26:26-28
    • u
    • must eat the bread AND DRINK. “Drink from it, all of you”
  27. Heb. 7:27
    • this
    • is a commandment from God to not offer our LJC daily
  28. Heb. 10:10-11
    - our LJC did this once and forever
  29. 1.
    Prove that purgatory is not true Eccl. 9:5-6
    • Cannot read purgatory in the bible, it is
    • against the teachings of God.
  30. Awit 88:5
    • dead
    • are in the grave
  31. Awit 86:2
    david was a holy man
  32. Acts 2:29,34
    • david
    • didnt get sent to heaven when he died
  33. 1.
    Give proof that the Philippines, where the
    Church of Christ rose, is the place is
    where Jesus prophecied the establishment of his other sheep.Juan 10:16
    He prophecied “other sheep” that will form one flock
  34. Gawa 2:39
    The apostles prophesied those that are still “far off”
  35. Isa 43:5-6
    • It
    • was prophesied to be in the “far east” or the “ends of the earth”
  36. W. History, p 445
    • Philippines
    • is in the far east
  37. 1.
    How did Jesus establish the Church of Christ
    in 1914, while he was already in Heaven? Juan 10:16
    • He prophecied “other sheep” that will form one flock
  38. Juan 13:20
    • “whoever accepts anyone I
    • send accepts me; and whoever accepts me accepts the one who sent me."
  39. Luk 10:16
    • who
    • listens to you, listens to me and the father
  40. Mat. 7:24-25
    • Those who listened and complied shall be built upon the rock
  41. Gawa 4:10-11
    • Christ
    • is the rock
  42. Mat. 16:18
    • Christ
    • said, “on this rock, I will build my church”
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