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  1. What are the three pericardium layers of the heart
    • Fibrous
    • Serous
    • -Parietal
    • -Visceral
  2. What is pericarditis?
    Inflammation of the serous pericardium producing audible rubbing (like silk)
  3. Where should a person perform a pericardiocentesis (3 places)?
    • 5th or 6th intercostal space
    • infrasternal angle
  4. Why is the transverse sinus an important landmark?
    It is the area that separates the outflow and inflow great vessels?
  5. Phrenic nerves refer to what dermatome when there is pericardium pain?
    C3-C5 dermatomes
  6. How are septa on the heart identified from the outside?
    Sulci (sulcus) = grooves
  7. At what intercostal region is the apex of the heart found?
    5th intercostal region
  8. Where in the heart can you find deoxygenated blood?
    Right from superior and inferior vena cava
  9. At what vertebral level do you find the posterior base of the heart?
  10. Right Atrium
    • Right Auricle
    • Sinus Venarum
    • Pectinate muscle
    • Cristae terminalis
    • Interatrial septum
    • Fossa ovalis
    • opening of coronary sinus
    • Atrioventricular valve (tricuspid)
  11. Where can you find the superior vena cava?
    3rd costal cartilage
  12. Where can you find the inferior vena cava?
    5th costal cartilage
  13. Right Ventricle
    • Conus arteriosus
    • trabeculae carnae
    • chordae tendinae
    • papillary muscles
    • interventricular septum
    • septomarginal trabecula
    • Pulmonary valve (semilunar valve)
  14. Left Atrium
    • Left Auricle
    • Valve of fossa ovalis
    • Semilunar depression
    • Mitral valve
  15. Left ventricle
    • Chordae tendinae
    • Papillary muscle
    • Trabeculae carnae
    • Atrial valve (semilunar)
  16. When do coronary arteries fill, diastole or systole?
  17. What happens at diastole and systole?
    • Diastole: Semilunar valves close, Mitral and tricuspid valves open
    • Systole: Semilunar valves open, mitral and tricuspid valves close
    • Systole = "S"queeze
    • Diastole = "D"ump
  18. Heart vasculature: arterial supply
    • Right coronary artery
    • Sinoatrial node branch
    • Right marginal branch
    • posterior interventicular branch
    • atrioventricular nodal branch
    • Left coronary artery
    • left anterior descending artery
    • circumflex branch
    • left marginal branch
  19. Heart vasculature: Venous drainage
    • coronary sinus
    • great cardiac vein
    • middle cardiac vein
    • small cardian vein
  20. Heart lymphatic drainage
    • Left ventricle = right lymphatic duct
    • Right ventricle = thoracic duct
  21. Heart conduction pathway
    • Sinoatrial node
    • Atrioventricular node
    • AV bundle of His
    • R & L AV bundles
    • Interventricular septum moderator band (RV)
    • Purkinje fibers
    • ***contraction initiates at apex
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