global history chapter 23

  1. what kind of government was the old regieme
    a fudalistic government
  2. t or f. france was the most advanced country in europe in the 1700s
  3. what was the first estate
    roman catholic church, 10%land and 2% income to gvt.
  4. what was the second estate
    the rich nobels (2% of population with 20% of land and no taxes)
  5. what was the third estate
    the burgoise (merchant, peasants, paid taxes on everything)
  6. why was louix the XVI a bad ruler
    ignored economy problems and had dismal leadership skills
  7. what was the non physical and physical start to the french revolution
    the non physical was the creation of national assembly by third estate and the physical start was the bastiele
  8. what was the great fear
    a wave of sensless panic cuz peasents thought nobels were hiring outlaws
  9. decleration of the rights of man 1789
    french decleration of independence
  10. what was the legislative assembly
    created laws and approve or decline wars
  11. the french revolution took traditional democratic ideas of enlightment and put them into reality. t or f
  12. where did democracy originate.
    ancient greece and rome
  13. what was an economic cause of the french revolution
    people wanted a more capitalistic society
  14. large gap between rich and poor
    the picture of marie antoneette and ald poor lady
  15. two sparks of the french revolution
    inflatin economy in 1988 and voting procedures in the estates general
  16. what was the estates general
    a voting system between 1st 2nd and 3rd estates where 3rd estate always lost
  17. why did napoleons artilery experience help him later
    he was good with mathatics
  18. how did napoleon gain power.
    he was voted in by the people
  19. what was a Lycee
    a govt. run school to train legitimete govt. workers
  20. the battle of trafalgar
    napoleon lost his fleet to british. this set britian up to have a good navey for the next 100 years
  21. what were napoleons three costly mistakes
    he ordered a blockade on british goods but couldnt enforce it, peninsular war, invasion of russia
  22. klemmens von metternich
    influencial figure at the confrence of vienna that believed in legitimacy
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