1. Frontal lobe
    the area of each cerebral hemisphere anterior to the central sulcus & superior to the lateral fissure.
  2. lateral fissure
    the fissure that separates the temporal lobe from the frontal and parietal lobes.
  3. central sulcus
    the groove between the precentral gyrus and the post central gyrus that separates the frontal lobe from the parietal lobe in each hemisphere.
  4. temporal lobe
    the part of each cerebral hemisphere ventral to the lateral fissure; it contains the auditory cortex, visual and auditory association areas, and Wernicke's area.
  5. occipital lobe
    the most posterior part of each cerebral hemisphere, and the location of the visual cortex.
  6. parietal lobe
    the part of each cerebral hemisphere located above the lateral fissure and between the central sulcus and the occipital lobe; it contains the somatosensory cortex and visual association areas.
  7. prefrontal cortex
    the most anterior cortex of the frontal lobes; it is involved in working memory, planning and organization of behavior, and regulation of behavior in response to its consequences. it also integrates info about the body with sensory info from the world, to select and plan movements.
  8. Broca's area
    the area anterior to the precentral gyrus that sends output to the facial motor area to produce speech, and also provides grammatical structure to language.
  9. auditory cortex
    the area of cortex on the superior temporal gyrus, which is the primary projection area for auditory information.
  10. visual cortex
    the cortex in each occipital lobe where visual info is processed.
  11. Wernicke's area
    the area just posterior to the auditory cortex that interprets spoken and written language and generates spoken and written language.
  12. pre central gyrus
    the gyrus anterior to, and extending the length of, the central salcus; it is the location of the primary motor cortex.
  13. central salcus
    the groove between the pre central gyrus and the post central gyrus that separates the frontal lobe from the parietal lobe in each hemisphere.
  14. somatosensory cortex
    the area in the parietal lobes that processes the skin senses and the senses that inform us about body position and movement, or proprioception; the primary somatosensory cortex is on the post central gyrus.
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