global history. chapter 22

  1. where did the roots of modern science come from
    the greeks and the romans
  2. before science the bible and aerostotles words were law. t or f
  3. the geocentric theory
    the earth was the center of the universe
  4. what was the scientific revolution
    a new way of thinking about the natural world
  5. exploration did not lead to new instruments. t or f
  6. heliocentric theory
    the sun centerd universe theory
  7. who was the scientist that created the pendelum thory and basicly uprooted all of aerostotols theorys
  8. who said everything is doubted untill proven by reason
    Rene Deseartes
  9. what scientist said all objects attract one another and published "Mathmatical principles of natural philosophy"
  10. when was the age of enlightenment?
    the mid 1770's
  11. who was tomas hobbes
    he was the guy that said humans are naturaly selfesh and we need a ruler that has total power. social contract
  12. who was john loke?
    favored self government, people can improve themselves, life liberty and propertay
  13. Who was Francois Marie Arouet
    the most briliant and infuencial Philisofhs. used irony
  14. who was Montesquiew-
    a philosoph that was devoted to political liberty and the seperation of powers
  15. what did jean jeacques rousseau work for
    individual freedom
  16. who was cesare bonesana,
    laws exist to preserve social order
  17. who wrote a serious proposel to the ladies and said if all men are born free then how is it that all women are born slaves
    Mary Astell
  18. who wrote a vindication to the rights of women
    mary wollstonecraft
  19. what are three impacts of enlightenment?
    less corpral punishment on children, more questioning of religion, and the use of your own ability to reason
  20. who was Marie Therese
    she ran a saloon where philosophs could talk and financed denis diderot who created the first encyclopedia
  21. what charachterized the first novels in england
    carefully crafted plots, characters thoughts and feelings
  22. what is a enlightened despot
    an enlightened absolute monarch
  23. frederick the great 1740-1786
    religious freedom less censorship, improved education
  24. Joseph II 1780-1790
    freedom of press, freedom of worship in austria
  25. Catharine the great of russia 1729-1796
    reformed laws based on montesquew
  26. what were the navigation acts.
    they said that the colonys could only sell to england
  27. what led to the revolutionary war
    no taxation without representation, samual adams encouraged conflict, decleration of indipendence. George III broke social contract
  28. name three reasons why the colonists won revolution
    were on home turf, redcoat gens. made mistakes. war cost to much for britian.
  29. the first constitutional convention on may 25 1787 created this
    the three branches of government and checks and balances
  30. what was the magna carta
    a system of checks and balnces for england +due process and no taxation without representation
  31. glorious revolution
    when king james was chased out of england and william and marry took throne
  32. what does autonomy mean
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