American Revolution

  1. Stamp Act
    Law passed by Parliament to make colonists buy a stamp to place on many items
  2. Samuel Adams
    One of the founders of the Sons of Liberty
  3. Townshend Acts
    Laws passed by Parliament in 1767 that set taxes on imports to the colonies
  4. Boston Massacre
    Conflict between colonists and British soldiers in which four colonists were killed
  5. Committees of Correspondence
    A network of communication set up in Massachusetts and Virginia to inform other colonies of ways that Britain threatened colonial rights
  6. Boston Tea Party
    Protest against increased tea prices in which colonists dumped British tea into the Boston Harbor
  7. King George III
    King of England during the American Revolution
  8. Intolerable Acts
    A series of laws set up by Parliament to punish Massachusetts for its protests against the British
  9. Martial Law
    rule by the military
  10. Minutemen
    civilian soldiers
  11. Second Continental Congress
    The meeting of colonial delegates that approved the Declaration of Independence
  12. Olive Branch Petition
    An offer of peace sent by the Second Continental Congress to King George III
  13. Common Sense
    Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that attacked the monarchy
  14. Thomas Jefferson
    Main author of the Declaration of Independence
  15. Patriots
    Colonists who wanted independence from Britain
  16. Loyalists
    Colonists who were loyal to Britain
  17. Battle of Trenton
    Battle won by the Americans in 1776
  18. Saratoga
    Battle won by the Americans in 1777
  19. Inflation
    rise in the price of goods
  20. Profiteering
    Selling goods that are difficult to come by for a profit
  21. Friedrich von Steuben
    Prussian officer who helped train American soldiers
  22. Marquis de Lafayette
    French noble who helped the Americans
  23. Charles Cornwallis
    British General
  24. Yorktown
    Battle that gave Americans victory in the war
  25. Treaty of Paris
    Treaty that officially ended the war
  26. Egalitarianism
    A belief in equality
  27. Ambush
    to attack from a hidden place
  28. boycott
    to refuse to buy certain goods
  29. Casualty
    one who is injured or killed
  30. corrupt
    influenced by others to be dishonest
  31. delegate
    a person given power to act for others; a representative to a convention
  32. isolate
    to set apart from others
  33. repeal
    to cancel
  34. Who led a secret group of colonists called the Sons of Liberty, who protested British Actions?
    Samuel Adams
  35. The Second Continental Congress sent King George III an offer for peace, called the
    Olive Branch Petiton
  36. Thomas Paine argued for the colonies independence from Great Britain in what?
    his pamphlet, Common Sense
  37. The battle at ____________ convinced the French to help the Americans.
    Trenton, Yorktown or Saratoga
  38. Valley Forge
    place where Washington's army spent the winter of 1777-78
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