us history

  1. the earliest national union, members were skilled, unskilled, black, white, men, women.
    Knights of Labor
  2. made a fortune in the railroad industry
    Cornelius Vanderbilt
  3. invented the telegraph
    Samuel Morse
  4. this method was used to increase steel production by purifying molten iron
    Bessemer Process
  5. company that sells stock in order to raise money for financial ventures in order to make profits of which stockholders will get a percentage
  6. invented the lightbulb, phonograph, and movie camera
    Thomas Edison
  7. belief that private businesses should run most industries
  8. invented the telephone which made communication much easier
    Alexander Graham Bell
  9. strike taken over by anarchists that ended badly for police and anarchists
    Haymarket Square Riot
  10. made a fortune in the steel industry
    Andrew Carnegie
  11. performed the first manned flight in Kitty Hawk, NC
    Orville and Wiber Wright
  12. belief that no one should own anything and everything should be provided for by the state
  13. a person acquires companies that provide the materials and services upon which their enterprise(business) depends to survive
    vertical integration
  14. one company's control of other companies ability to produce the same product
    horizontal integration
  15. group of companies that turn control of their stock over to a board of trustees who run all of the companies as a single enterprise
  16. when a trust gains exclusive control of an industry
  17. when businesses are left free from gov't regulation and allowed to compete in a free market
    Free enterprise
  18. the "survival of the fittest" theory applied to society and business
    Social Darwinism
  19. people who oppose all forms of gov't
  20. outlawed all monopolies and trusts that restrained trade
    Sherman Anti-trust Act
  21. became leader of the Knights of Labor in 1879 and expanded the membership
    Terence Powderly
  22. became wealthy by buying out oil rigs, very shady.
    John D. Rockefellar
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