Anthro Wk1

  1. What was the impact of Mary Leakey on the popular culture? What did she study?
    Field work and archaeology in South Africa. She discovered the oldest foot prints recorded.
  2. What was the impact of Jane Goodall on the popular culture? What did she study?
    She was the first to study chimpanzees in the world.
  3. What was the impact of Dian Fossey on the popular culture? What did she study?
  4. What was the impact of Margeret Mead? What did she study?
    Field work in Somoa, tried to understand emotional lines of adolescence
  5. What was the impact of Deborah Tannen? What did she study?
    Gendered styles of American conversation. Male style being about status and power. Female style more soliditary.
  6. What was the impact of David Maybury Lewis? What did he study?
    He hosted a series called "Millenium"
  7. What was the impact of Sam Dunn? What did he study?
    Anthropologist that made a documentary and heacy metal music with a holistic view
  8. Zeray Alemsegad
    Microscopic analysis of cuts on fossils. Showed stone tool use 3.4 million years ago.
  9. Pauline Weissner
    Conneted San thenograph with archaeology. Determined the history of Enga Agriculture adoption
  10. Jeffrey Nrantingham
    Uses math models to predict where crimes will occur. Police can prevent crimes rather than solve them
  11. Arpita Ray
    Studied community of 10000 physicists. Problem : she couldnt get independent experts to view her work because they were all a part of the community
  12. What Defines the Scope of anthropology?
    Study of human beings in a holistic manner
  13. How does anthro differ from other academic studies of humans?
    It is viewed in a holistic manner and requires fieldwork and participant observation
  14. What are the tw osenses of antrhopological holism?
    Comprehensiveness and Interrelatedness
  15. What are the 5 subfields of anthropology?
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Archaeological
    • Physical
    • Lunguistic
    • Applied
  16. How did Franz Boas alter the perspective of anthropoogists?
    He argued that behavioral differences between societies were learned rather than inherited
  17. Tell 3 aspects of culture that tylor identified in his definition of culture
    It is a complex whole, it is acquired and depends on an ongoing society
  18. Tell one feature of culture not mentioned in Tylors definition
    Culture is symbolic and is a system of meanings
  19. Tell one consequence of one of Tylors three features of culture
    The social aspect of culture is linked to its function as an adaptive societ
  20. Exain how cultural relativism is the opposite of ethnocentrism
    Cultural relaticism says behavior in one culture should not be judged with the standards of another
  21. Explain how cultural relaticism can be compatible with scientific objectivity
    Scientific objectivity is from making sure to not let biasness influence research
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