Capitalization Rules

  1. Cleopatra, J.R.R. Tolkein, Maria Theresa, Yasunari Kawabata
    Capitalize people's names and initials
  2. Professor Anita Jones
    Cardinal Richelieu
    Mr. and Mrs. Romer
    Capitalize titles and abbreviations of titles that are used before names and in direct address.
  3. Ted Stein, Jr.
    Mary Witt Ph.D.
    Sonia Rodriguez, M.D.
    Capitalize abbreviations of some titles when they follow names.
  4. Queen Marie Antoinette
    Sir Thomas Browne
    Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist
    Capitalize titles of heads of state, royalty, or nobility only when they are used before persons' names or in place of persons' names.
  5. Aunt Paula
    Cousin Sue
    Grandpa Klein
    Capitalize words indicating family relationships only when they are used as names or before names.
  6. Grandpa and I read all about Stonehenge.
    Always capitalize the pronoun I.
  7. Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism (Religions)
    Ramadan, Good Friday, Purim (Sacred Days)
    Bible, Koran, Torah (Sacred Writings)
    God, Yahweh, Allah (Deities)
    Capitalize the names of religions, sacred days, sacred writings, and deities.
  8. Romans
    African American
    Capitalize the names of nationalities, languages, races, and most ethnic groups, as well, the adjectives formed from these names.
  9. The "seven wonders of the medieval world" date back to the Middle Ages.
    Captialize the first word of every sentence.
  10. The willow is like an etching.
    Fine-lined against the sky.
    The ginkgo is like a crude sketch,
    Hardly worthy to be signed.
    In traditional poetry capitalize the first word of every line.
  11. My teacher asked, "Has anyone read about the Colosseum?"
    Capitalize the first word of a direct quotation if it begins a complete sentence.
  12. "I hear you're going to Italy," Theresa said. "Make sure you see the Leaning Tower of Pisa."

    "Did you know," asked Theresa, "that the Leaning Tower has been tilting for 800 years?'
    In a divided quotation, do not capitalize the first word of the second part unless it starts a new sentence.
  13. I. Famous buildings of the Middle Ages
    A. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
    1. Construction of bell tower
    2. Repairs to tower foundation
    B. The Tower of London
    1. Construction of royal fortress
    2. Additions to original site
    Capitalize the first word of each entry in an outline and the letters that introduce major subsections.
  14. Dear Ms. Song:
    Yours truly,
    Capitalize the first word in the greeting and in the closing of a letter.
  15. The House of Dies Drear
    The Phantom of the Opera
    "The Tell-Tale Heart"
    The New York Times
    "Jingle Bells"
    The Wizard of Oz
    Capitalize the first word, the last word, and all other important words in a title. Don't capitalize articles, coordinating conjunction, or prepositions of fewer than five letters.
  16. Big Dipper
    North Star
    Capitalize the names of planets and other specific objects in the universe.
  17. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, and the Houston Astrodome are all modern wonders found in North America.
    The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the West.
    Capitalize the words north, south, east, and west when they name particular regions of the United States or the world or when they are parts of proper names.
  18. The Statue of Liberty is south of the Empire State Building in New York City.
    Do not capitalize these words when they indicate general directions or locations.
  19. Sears Tower
    Big Ben
    Great Wall of China
    Capitalize the names of specific buildings, bridges, monuments, and other landmarks.
  20. Air Force One
    Orient Express
    Capitalize the names of specific airplanes, trains, ships, cars, and spacecraft.
  21. Peace Corps
    Sierra Club
    National Park Service
    Capitalize all important words in the names of organizations, institutions, stores, and companies.
  22. NFL
    Capitalize abbreviations of names of organizations, businesses, and institutions. Notice that these abbreviations are formed form the initial letters of the complete names and that the letters are usually not followed by periods.
  23. Revolutionary War
    Great Awakening
    Treaty of Versailles
    Capitalize the names of historical events, periods, and documents.
  24. Niagra Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, was probably formed around 10,000B.C.
    Capitalize the names of months, days, and holidays but not the names of seasons.
  25. algebra
    German Literature
    Capitalize the names of school subjects only when they are of languages, when they are followed by course numbers, or when they contain proper adjectives.
  26. April
    Capitalize the names of the months, days, and holidays but not the names of the seasons.
  27. The freshman will attend Freshman Orientation Week the last week of August.
    Capitalize the words freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior only when they are used as parts of titles.
  28. Academy Awards
    Nobel Prize
    Capitalize the names of special events and awards.
  29. Fiji compasses
    Staton tents
    Capitalize the brand names of products but not common names that follow brand names.
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