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  1. Arterial supply to anus
    Inferior rectal artery
  2. Venous drainage to anus
    External hemorrhoid plexus
  3. Number of hemorrhoidal plexuses
    3 (left lateral, right anterior, right posterior)
  4. painful hemorrhoids
  5. bleeding or prolapsing hemorrhoids
  6. treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoid
    lance and drain
  7. bandable hemorrhoids
    primary, secondary and tertiary internal hemorrhoids
  8. pudendal neuropathy and laxity of anal sphincters causes:
    rectal prolapse
  9. treatment of rectal prolapse
    rectosigmoid resection (altmeier) or LAR/rectopexy
  10. cauliflower mass caused by HPV
    condylomata acuminata
  11. split in anoderm causing pain and bleeding
    anal fissure
  12. sign seen with anal fissure
    sentinel pile
  13. surgical treatment of anal fissure
    lateral subcutaneous internal sphincterotomy
  14. method of drainage of perianal, intersphincteric and ischiorectal abscess
    through skin
  15. method of drainage of supralevator abscesses
  16. sinus or abscess formation over sacrococcygeal junction
    pilonidal cyst
  17. goodsall�s rule
    fistulae in ano that are anterior connect with the rectum in a straight line, and those that are posterior connect with the rectum in a curved line toward a midline internal opening
  18. treatment of rectovaginal fistula
    simple: transanally unroof and place rectal advancement flap. Complex: resection and reanastamosis, colostomy
  19. most common anal cancer in patients with AIDS
    Kaposi�s sarcoma
  20. Anorectal ulcers in an AIDS patient (3)
    CMV, HSV, Bcell lymphoma
  21. Treatment of SCCA of anus
    Chemotherapy and XRT (Nigro protocol)
  22. Treatment of adenocarcinoma of anus
  23. Treatment of anal melanoma
  24. Margin needed for anal melanoma
    Same as that dictated for standard skin melanoma
  25. Common metastatic site for SCCA of anus
    Inguinal nodes
  26. Intraepidermal squamous cell Ca
    Bowen�s disease
  27. Intraepidermal apocrine gland Ca
    Paget�s disease
  28. Nodal drainage of superior and middle rectum
    IMA nodes
  29. Nodal drainage of lower rectum
    IMA and internal iliac nodes
  30. Nodal drainage of upper 2/3 of anal canal
    Internal iliac, pelvic nodes
  31. Nodal drainage of lower 1/3 of anal canal
    Inguinal nodes
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ABSITE ch 37 anal and rectal.txt
ABSITE ch 37 anal and rectal