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  1. lives in intestines
    Fasciolopsis buski, metagonimus yokagawa, heterophyes heterophyes
  2. lives in liver/bile duct
    fasciola hepatica, cloriorchis sihersis
  3. lives in lung
    parogonimus westermani
  4. lives in blood
    schistosoma mansoni, haematobium, japonicum
  5. found in Asia & India
    Fasciolopsis Buski
  6. Very large 75mm x 20mm
    fasciolopsis buski
  7. adults in duodenum and jejunum, few symptoms
    light infection
  8. worms throughout intestines, inflammation, ulceration, abscesses
    abdominal pain, malabsorption, diarrhea
    heavy infection fasciolopsis buski
  9. 2nd IH is a fish
    heterophyes, metagonimus yokagawai
  10. very small w/ ventral sucker
    heterophyes, metagonimus yokagawai
  11. sucker surrounds genital pore
  12. gonotyle along midline
    heterophyes heterophyes
  13. gonotyle and ventral sucker fused off center
    Genitoacetabulum, metagonimus yokagawai
  14. adults in intestines have no symptoms unless large in #s
    heterophyes and yokagawai
  15. eggs burrow into intestinal mucosa erode tissue, carried to ectopic sites, heart failure
    heterophyes & yokagawai
  16. one of the first to be identified
    fasciola hepatica
  17. sheep liver fluke
    fasciola hepatica
  18. liver rot caused by
    fasciola hepatica
  19. metacercaria live in watercress and other water plants
    fasciola hepatica
  20. bifurcated structures that end blindly in fasciola hepatica
  21. oral sucker draws plug of tissue into fasciola hepatica
    flows blood into worm
  22. enzyme secretory bodies produced to break down digested blood
    cyclical transformation secretory phase
  23. cell absorbs nutrients in fh
    absorptive phase
  24. Juvenile fasciola hepatica in ectopic sites
    produce ulcers
  25. acute fascioliasis
    migration of juveniles into liver causing hepatomegaly (liver swells)
  26. chronic fascioliasis
    blockage of bile duct, secretion of proline leads to fibrosis
  27. Pipestem fibrosis
    causes by fibrosis of liver
  28. Atrophy of liver
    leads to jaundice and cirrhosis, loss of liver cell function
  29. oriental liver fluke
    clariorchis sinensis
  30. egg is eaten by snail
    clariorchis sinensis
  31. block bile duct and cause
    erosion of epithelial tissue
  32. oriental lung fluke
    paragonimus westermani
  33. cercaria is microcercous (small and knoblike)
    paragonimus westermani
  34. 2 worms to one cyst
    distoma cysts
  35. necrosis of lung tissue causes (PW)
    chest pain, coughing, blood tinged sputum
  36. 2mg feces on slide w/ 1 drop saline
    direct wet smear
  37. 4mg feces and formalin strained w/ saline through centrifuge
    decant add formalin & ethyl acetate
    centrifuge and decant
    formalin-ethyl acetate sedimentation concentration technique
  38. Westermani eggs
    in sputum and feces
  39. muscular contraction causes paralysis, tegumental disruption of ion channels
    praziquantel effects on worm
  40. fasciola hepatica treated by
  41. swells tegument and mitochondria, microtubule inhibitor disrupts formation of cytoskeleton
    triclabendazole mechanism
  42. infect vegetation
    hepatica and buski
  43. infect fish
    yokagawai and sinensi
  44. infect crayfish
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