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  1. What are the two costoverterbral joints?
    • 1) Joint of head of rib
    • 2) Costotransverse joint
    • ***both are synovial joints
  2. What is the name for ribs 1-7?
    vertebrocostal "true"
  3. What is the name for ribs 8-10?
    vertebrochondral "false"
  4. What is the name for ribs 11&12?
    Vertebral "floating"
  5. What ribs are the most commonly broken?
  6. What is a supernumerary rib?
    Extra rib (e.g. cervical rib)
  7. At what T level is the manubrium?
    • T3-T4
    • Suprasternal notch @ T2
  8. At what T level is the body of the sternum?
    • T5-T9
    • Sternal angle (manubriosternal joint) @ T4/T5 IVD = 2nd rib articulation
  9. At what T level is the Xiphoid process found?
    • T10
    • Xiphisternal junction @ T9
  10. What sternocostal joint has synchondrosis and what is the condition?
    • Rib 1
    • It is when there is no synovial fluid between the costal cartilage and the manubrium
  11. What are the boundaries of the Inferior thoracic aperture?
    • T12
    • ribs 11 & 12
    • Costal cartilage 7-10
    • xiphisternal junction
  12. What nerve innervates the intercostal muscles?
    Intercostal nerves (anterior rami)
  13. What intercostal muscles are active during forced expiration?
    • Internal intercostal muscles
    • innermose intercostal muscles
  14. What intercostal muscles are active during forced respiration?
    External intercostal muscles
  15. What provides the motor and sensory innervation of the diaphragm?
    Phrenic nerves (C3-5)
  16. What provides the peripheral sensory in the lower diaphragm?
    lower intercostal nerves
  17. At what level is the Caval opening in the diaphragm?
  18. At what level is the esophageal hiatus opening?
  19. At what level is teh Aortic hiatus opening?
  20. What is the space that separates the breast from the pectoralis major muscle?
    Retromammary space
  21. What is the extension of the breast into the axilla known as?
    Axillary tail
  22. What is the condition of Amastia?
    • Born with no breast
    • nipple is present
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