Verbos de actividades y fiestas (-ar)

  1. dibujar
    to draw
  2. caminar
    to walk
  3. celebrar
    to celebrate
  4. cocinar
    to cook
  5. coleccionar
    to collect
  6. esquiar
    to ski
  7. ganar
    to win
  8. levantar (pesas)
    to lift (weights)
  9. limpiar (la casa)
    to clean (the house)
  10. meditar
    to meditate
  11. nadar
    to swim
  12. patinar (sobre hielo) o (en linea)
    to (ice) or (in-line) skate
  13. picar(qu)
    to nibble
  14. pintar
    to paint
  15. quemar calorías
    to burn calories
  16. regalar
    to give a gift
  17. rozarse(c) con la gente
    to mingle with people
  18. sacar(qu) un vídeo/DVD
    to take out/rent a video/DVD
  19. sudar
    to sweat
  20. trotar
    to jog
Card Set
Verbos de actividades y fiestas (-ar)
Spanish verbs associated with physical activities & parties that end in -ar and have regular preterite endings