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  1. Isotopes?
    Because they have the same number of electrons all isotopes of elements have the same chemical properties.
  2. Chemical bonds:
    The main kinds of chemical bonds are ionic bonds and covalent bonds.
  3. Van der waals forces:
    The slight attraction that develops between the oppositely charged regions of nearby molecules.
  4. Describe the structure of an atom?
    Its made of particles called protons and electrons that are bind together to from nucleus and electrons that are in constant motion in the space surrounding the nucleus.
  5. Why do all isotopes of an element have the same chemical properties? In what way do isotopes of an element differ?
    Because they have the same number of electrons. Because they have different number of neutrons in their nucleus.
  6. What is a covalent bond?
    Froms when electrons are shared
  7. What is an ionic bond?
    When one or more electrons are transferred.
  8. What is a compound? Why are they related to molecules?
    A compound is a substance formed by the chemical combination of 2 or more elements in definite proportions. Related to molecules because a molecule is the smallest unit of a compound.
  9. How do van der Waals forces hold molecules together?
    By creating an attraction between oppositely charged regions of a molecule.
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