GRE 18

  1. fiasco
    n. total failure
  2. forthright
    adj. straightforward; direct; frank
  3. germinate
    v. cause to sprout; sprout
  4. gusto
    n. enoyment; enthusiasm
  5. husband
    v. use sparingly; conserve; save
  6. indices
    n. PL. signs; indications
  7. insurmountable
    adj. overwhelming; unbeatable; insuperable
  8. jocular
    adj. said or done in jest
  9. malefactor
    n. evildoer; criminal
  10. perpetual
    adj. everlasting
  11. puerile
    adj. childish
  12. rapacious
    adj. excessively grasping; plundering
  13. rendezvous
    n. meeting place
  14. revoke
    v. cancel; retract
  15. schematic
    adj. relating to an outline or diagram; using a system of symbols
  16. sinuous
    adj. winding; bending in and out; not morally honest
  17. stalemate
    n. deadlock
  18. supple
    adj. flexible; pliant
  19. theocracy
    n. government run by religious leaders
  20. trepidation
    n. fear; nervous apprehension
  21. unmitigated
    adj. unrelieved or immoderate; absolute
  22. vicarious
    adj. acting as a substitute; done by a deputy
  23. whinny
    v. neigh like a horse
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