1100 words

  1. sanguine
    cheerfully optimisitic
  2. inclement
    unpleasantly cold or wet
  3. duplicity
  4. corroborate
    confirm or give support to a statement
  5. importune
    ask urgently, harrass someone persistently for or to do something
  6. incontrovertible
    undeniable, not able to be disputed
  7. surreptitious
    stealthy, accomplished by secret (becasue it would not be approved of)
  8. haven
    place of safety
  9. subjugate
    conquer, subdue
  10. eventuate
    occur as a result
  11. subterranean
  12. viable
    practicable, workable
  13. wan
    pale, weak
  14. diatribe
    forceful and bitter verbal attack
  15. schism
    a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties caused by differences in opinion or belief
  16. the lion's share
    idiom the major portion
  17. to take the bull by the horns
    idiom to face a problem directly
  18. premise
    grounds for a conclusion
  19. jeopardize
  20. incredulous
  21. permeate
    to spread through
  22. propitious
  23. out of the frying pan into the fire
    to go from a difficult situation to a worse one
  24. surmise
  25. curtail
    to cut short
  26. repress
    subdue, restrain, suppress, to put down
  27. cryptic
  28. inchoate
    in an early stage, rudimentary
  29. lurid
    unpleasantly bright in color
  30. pertinent
    relevant or applicable to a particular matter
  31. interject
    say sthg abruptly, especially as an interruption
  32. nominal
    existing in name only; very small
  33. to keep the pot boiling
    to see that interest doesn't die down
  34. aspire
    to strive for
  35. inveigh
    attack verbally
  36. nettle
  37. overt
    done or shown openly
  38. relegate
    assign to an inferior position
  39. to bury the hatchet
    to make peace
  40. quip
    a witty remark
  41. premonition
    a strong feeling that something is about to happen
  42. supine
    lying on the back
  43. repulse
    drive back by force; reject or rebuff
  44. havoc
    widespread destruction; great confusion or disorder
  45. raze
    completely destroy
  46. remunerate
    pay for services rendered or work done
  47. placard
    a printed or handwritten notice or sign for public display, either fixed to a wall or carried during a demonstration
  48. virulent
    (of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects
  49. plague
    any contagious disease that spreads rapidly and kills many people
  50. Philadelphia lawyer
    a lawyer of outstanding ability
  51. scurry
    (of a person or small animal) move hurriedly with short quick steps
  52. incisive
    acute; intelligently analytical and clear-thinking; (of an account) accurate and sharply focused; (of an action) quick and direct
  53. precipitate
    hasten; cause an even to happen suddenly
  54. castigate
    reprimand severely
  55. inert
    lacking the ability or strength to move
  56. fractious
    easily irritated; bad-tempered
  57. reprehensive
    deserving censure or condemnation
  58. laconic
    using very few words
  59. to gild the lily
    to praise extravagantly
  60. stenotorian
    loud and powerful
  61. valor
    great courage in the face of danger
  62. singular
  63. sinecure
    soft job
  64. anathema
    something that one vehemently dislikes
  65. to steal one's thunder
    to weaken one's position by stating the argument before that person does
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