Biology lab

  1. Observation
  2. You observe something in the material world, using your senses or machines which are basically extensions of those senses.
  3. Hypothesis
  4. is a statement that expresses the expected answer to the problem statement;
    is a tentative explanation to the question/ problem statement
  5. Prediction
    deductive logical consequence of a hypothesis.
  6. Prediction`
    If the hypothesis is true, then termites should follow on another along a patterned line that is drawn with erasable ink.
  7. Experiment
    a planned way to test the prediction; a way to collect data
  8. Controlled variable
    certain factors that remain constant and do not influence the outcome of the experiment.
  9. Independent variable
    the factor or variable being manipulated by the researcher (the treatment or condition being studied: “the type of writing utensil”
  10. Dependent variable
    • the factor or variable that will show a response to the treatment/independent
    • variable (the event or condition being observed or measured: “termites following one another in line”)
  11. Conclusion
    is a statement that presents the findings and the interpretation of the results
  12. Benedicts solution
    • test for simple sugars;
    • aqua blue- negative test;
  13. Lugols Iodine
    • test for starches
    • blue to black-positive;yellow to brown-negative
  14. Biuret
    presence of proteins
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