1. What is Pre-Socratic?
    not accepting traditional values and beliefs/using human reason and understanding
  2. Thales said: Everything is water b/c of moistness
  3. Who was Socrates?
    He lived in Athens. Was the first of the three philosophers (Socrates, Plato, Aristostotle) Plato was a student of Socrates.
  4. Who was Plato?
    a friend of Socractes. wrote dialogues-wrote down Socractes ideas. philosophical ideas and concepts>main character=Socrates
  5. Who was Aristsotle?
    a student of Plato
  6. Plato's Republic-
    Why should I be good?
    ethics, morality, political, metaphysics-being on time/reality, and epistemology-philosophy of knowledge
  7. what is metaphysics?
    being on time/reality
  8. What is epistemology?
    philosophy of knowledge
  9. Thrasymachus-diff ideas on justice than Socrates. His view is what?
    absurd and contradictory
  10. Sophists-taught people how to what?
    how to "get off the hook" if they were ever involved in a crime"
  11. persuasuion-this modifies what?
    your behavior (ads)
  12. argument-get's at what?
    gets at the heart of the matter
  13. Book 1-Socractes
    Book II-X-Plato
  14. Skepticism-Thrasymachus view>what was his view?
    whoever is in power has the say what just is
  15. dialogue
    speaking through/dia-through/logos-form of communication
  16. justice is the advantage/interest of the what?
    • stronger
    • 1)What is actually in the interest of the stronger?
    • 2)What one believes to be in their interest
  17. Injustice is more profitable than what?
  18. someone who is knowledgeable of a subject wants to outdo those who are not knowledgeable
  19. someone who is ignorant of a subject wants (tries) to outdo both what?
    knowledgeable and the ignorant.
  20. knowledgeable and virtuous>clever>good>wants to outdo those like who?
  21. Is justice a good thing?
    Is it good for it's own solve?
    Is it good for consequneces?
  22. Justice=city>largest political city
    Justice=indiviudual>what reason do we have to be just?
  23. What is the social contract theory?
    Humans form a tight knit community
  24. Division of state
    need diff ppl to do diff things
  25. III. Guardians
    Auxillalies>philosopher kings
  26. III./IV.
    Born into class status but can be what?
    What is meritocracy?
    Social mobility-unhappiness>education>structured to believe their place in world/ There is no what?
    • changed (bronze, silver, etc)
    • *placed in society to do certain tasks well
    • *no family unit
  27. def. of justice?
    Wisdom-Auxidres exhibit wisdom
    justice-balance b/w what?
    This acheives harmony which is what?
    • three diff levels of society.
    • everything is in it's place
  28. Women were what in this society?
    Reproduction is what?
    • breeding machine
    • controlled
  29. Plato's view has often been called totalitorian which is what?
    ruled by individual or group of indivduals who dictate all aspects of life.
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