ISDS 361B Ch. 5

  1. How do you collect data.... where does data come from?
    • Observation
    • Experiment
    • Survey
  2. What are 2 sampling plans?
    • Stratified Random Sampling
    • Cluster Sampling
  3. Stratified Random Sampling
    Divide and put population into categories and then take random samples from each.
  4. Cluster Sampling
    Random sample of groups or clusters
  5. Sampling
    take a sample to represent the population
  6. What are the 2 errors that can arise when taking samples?
    • Sampling Error
    • Nonsampling Error
  7. Sampling Error
    Error we expect when making a statement of population based on sample

    Ex: Difference between the true (unknown) value of the pop. mean and its estimate (sample mean) is sampling error
  8. Nonsampling Error
    Mistakes made from taking the wrong information

    Ex: Recording incorrect responses.
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ISDS 361B Ch. 5
Data Collection and Sampling