ISDS 361B Ch. 8

  1. Distribution
    Gives Centrality & Variability
  2. Nominal Distribution, which method of numerical descriptive technique do we use
    Central - Mean, Median, Mode
  3. Why is nominal distribution studied the most?
    • Easy to understand
    • Cant remember all numbers, we need the avg.
  4. How do you create a nominal distribution?
    Random Unbiased Observation
  5. Probability of a Normal Distribution?
    100% or 1
  6. Calculate Normal Probabilities using which equation?
    • Z= X - u
    • o
  7. Z is it the area or the SD?
    Standard Deviation
  8. Z.05 = 1.645 ; interpret
    1.645 is the 95th percentile; 95% of all values of Z are below it and 5% are above it.
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ISDS 361B Ch. 8
Continuous Probability Distributions