global history 2 chapter 21

  1. philip II
    • (defender of catholosism ruled in mid 1500s)
    • 1) did not trust advisors,
    • 2)big armys from lots of mony
    • 3)could not ch. one policy over another
    • lost his armada agains england
  2. spainish artist durring its golden age
    1) el grecko-Royal family
  3. what weakend the spanish empire
    • 1)Gold and silver in spain led to inflation,
    • 2)spain never got middle class
    • 3)never replaced ideals
  4. where is the escorial
  5. where is vienna
  6. who freed neds. from spanish rule
    william of orange
  7. why did the indipendent dutch prosper
    religios freedom, the republic let them focus on growth, embraced capitalism
  8. when i say capitalism you say
    supply and demand and private propertay
  9. name 2 dutch artists
    • rembrant-portraits
    • jan Vermeer-portraits
  10. how many wars did hugonots and catholics fight?
  11. king henery did this to hugonauts
    slautered them
  12. edict of notes=
    religious toleration in france
  13. this cardinal ruled behind louis XIII
    cardinal richelieu
  14. who did cardinal richeoulu hate
    the hugonoauts (no prot. city can have walls)
  15. what did french writers have sckeptisism towards
    religios wars
  16. war of spanish succesion=
    france and england vs. everyone else
  17. what did absolutism do to the middle class
    it grew it
  18. louis XIVof france was the most famous absolute monarch. t or f
  19. absolute monarchy is better than anarchy. t or f
  20. you can have democracy straight frm monarchy. to or f
  21. what 3 things did you have to do to centralize
    1)beat religion 2)beat nobility 3)ally middle clads
  22. what did the thirty years war turn germany into?
    a wasteland
  23. peace of augsburg 1555
    religion of nobility=religion of people
  24. who fought in the thirty years war
    ferninand II and the german protastant princes
  25. who won the thirty years war.
    the germens
  26. what system did the thirty years war leas to?
    the modern state system
  27. the formation of strong states took longer in central europe. t or f
  28. did west or central europe give freedom to serfs
    western europe
  29. what country did the hapsburges come out of
  30. Maria Theresa
  31. Who were the leading familys on prussia and austria when the clashed
    Hohenzollerns (Prussia), hapsburgs (austria)
  32. what did frederick the great think about armys
    strong army only way to have safety
  33. who did ivan III liberate russia from
    The Mongols. this layed the ground for an absolute monarchy.
  34. what was Ivan IVs nickname
    ivan the terreble
  35. ivan the terreble was crowned czar t or f
  36. ivan ruled fairly until he went crazy cuz he thought lords killed his wife. t or f
  37. what line of czars came after ivan
  38. what system did russia keep longer than europe.
    the serf system
  39. under Peter the great what happened to russia
    russia gaind want to have navey, russias futer depended on having warm water port, westernised russia
  40. elizibeth the third left a huge debt. t or f
  41. james stuart who came after elizibeth I thought he had absolute power. t or f
  42. what did james stuart do to the bible
    had it rewritten in english
  43. charals I did this to parlament and this to taxes
    took away parlament and raisesd taxes
  44. in the english civil war and who was beheaded.
    the puritians and oliver cromwell won and charals I was beheaded
  45. after oliver cromwell died did parlament come back to power
  46. after the english civil war who restored the monarchy
    charals II
  47. habeous, corpus=
    no monarch can put a civ. in jail for opposing them
  48. this king after charals II was chased out of england for being catholic
    James II. after them, william and mary came in and started a constitutional monarchy
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