Vocab Unit 1

  1. Acquisitive
    Able to remember or retain ideas/ concerned with acquiring wealth or property
  2. Arrogate
    To take without right
  3. Banal
    Commonplace or unoriginal
  4. Belabor
    To work on excessively/ to thrash soundly
  5. Carping
    finding fault in something/ nagging criticism
  6. Coherent
    Sticking together/ meaningful
  7. Congeal
    To change from liquid to solid/ to make inflexible or rigid
  8. Emulate
    To imitate with the purpose of surpassing the model
  9. Encomium
    A formal expression of praise or lavish tribute
  10. Eschew
    To avoid
  11. Germane
    Relevant/ fitting
  12. Insatiable
    So great or demanding that it cannot be satisfied
  13. Intransigent
    Refusing to compromise
  14. Invidious
    Offensive/ tending to cause bitterness and resentment
  15. Largesse
    generosity in giving/ lavish contribution
  16. Reconnaissance
    A survey made for military purposes/ any inspection or examination
  17. Substantiate
    To establish or prove by evidence
  18. Taciturn
    Habitually silent or quiet
  19. Temporize
    To stall to gain time/ to compromise
  20. Tenable
    Capable of being held or defended
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Vocab Unit 1
Vocab Unit 1