Human Anatomy

  1. ilium
    • iliac fossa: large anterior curve
    • iliac crest: top
    • posterior superior iliac spine: point at posterior end of crest
    • posterior inferior iliac spine: bump inferior to p.s.i.s.
    • anterior superior iliac spine: point at anterior end of crest
    • anterior inferior iliac spine: bump inferior to a.s.i.s.
    • greater sciatic notch: prominent "V" chunk
    • auricular surface: "ear shaped surface meets with sacrum
  2. ischium
    • ischial tuberosity: roughened portion at back, supports body when sitting
    • ischial spine: pointed portion
  3. pubis
    pubic symphysis: region adjacent to interpubic disc
  4. innominate bone
    • acetabulum (acetabular fossa): cup/bowl structure where head of femur attaches
    • obturator foramen: large hole
    • arcuate line: anterior side of ilium, smooth ridge
  5. proximal end of femur
    • head
    • lesser trochanter: smaller bump, medial proximal end
    • greater trochanter: larger bump, on lateral side
  6. shaft of the femur
    • linea aspera: roughened ridge that runs along posterior surface
    • gluteal tuberosity: fork of the linea aspera, inferior to greater trochanter
  7. distal end of the femur
    • medial condyle: same side as the head, on posterior side
    • medial epicondyle: superior to medial epicondyle
    • lateral condyle: on the same side as the greater trochanter, on posterior
    • lateral epicondyle: superior to lateral condyle
    • intercondylar fossa: big dip between condyles
    • patellar surface: smooth depression on anterior side that articulates with the patella
    • popliteal surface: flat or slightly depressed area on the posterior side
  8. proximal end of the fibula
    • flatter (fibula is lateral to the tibia)
    • head
  9. distal end of the fibula
    lateral malleolus: point on lateral side, forms outside ankle
  10. proximal end of the tibia
    • medial condyle
    • lateral condyle
    • intercondylar eminence: ridge between condyles
    • articular surface (or facet) for the fibula: lateral side
  11. shaft of the tibia
    • tibial tuberosity: rough anterior bump closer to the proximal end, just below the patella
    • anterior or tibial crest: ridge that forms "shin"
  12. distal end of the tibia
    • medial malleolus: on medial side, forms inner ankle bone
    • fibular notch: lateral notch that articulates with fibula
    • inferior articular surface: articulates with talus
  13. tarsals of the foot
    • ankle bones
    • proximal group:
    • calcaneus: largest tarsal bone, forms the heel
    • talus: second largest and most superior
    • navicular: short, wide bone on medial side
    • distal group:
    • cuboid: largest in distal group, on lateral side
    • medial, intermediate, and lateral cuneiforms
  14. metatarsals of the foot
    numbered I through V from lateral to medial
  15. phalanges of the foot
    • proximal, medial and distal I through V
    • (only proximal and distal phalanges for first toe)
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