French Derived Words

  1. au courant
    up to date
  2. blasé
    tired of pleasures, bored
  3. bourgeois
    middle class, lacking cultural refinement
  4. chic
  5. clairvoyant
    clear sighted, able to persive matters beyond ordinary senses
  6. complaisent
    willing to please
  7. debonair
    gracious, charming
  8. gauche
    lacking social grace, akward, tactless
  9. maladroit
    unskillful, clumsy
  10. naive
    simple in nature, ingenuous
  11. nonchalant
    without concern or enthusiasm, indifferent
  12. attaché
    diplomatic staff of an ambassador or minister
  13. bourgeoisie
    the middle class
  14. chargé d`affaires
    temporary sub for an ambassador
  15. concierge
    doorkeeper, custodian, janitor/hotel employee
  16. confrere
    college, co-worker, comrade
  17. connoseur
    expert, critical judge
  18. coterie
    set of aquantences, clique
  19. debutante
    young woman who has just made her debut
  20. devotee
    fan, follower
  21. elite
    group of individuals thought to be superior
  22. entourage
    group of attendants or assistants accompanying someone
  23. entreprenuer
  24. envoy
    diplomatic agent or messenger
  25. fiancé
    person engaged to be married (male)
  26. fiancée
    person engaged to be married (Female)
  27. gendarme
    armed officer, especially in european countries
  28. gourmand
    a glutton, fond of eating and drinking in excess
  29. gourmet
    expert in food
  30. ingenue
    actres playing the roll of a naive young woman
  31. maitre d`hotel
  32. martinet
    person who enforces very strict dicipline
  33. nonpareil
    person of unequalled excelence
  34. nouveaux riches
    persons newly rich
  35. parvenu
    Person suddenly risen to wealth or power who LACKS the proper qualifications
  36. protégé
    someone taught by a person of experience or influence
  37. raconteur
    person who excells at telling stories
  38. valet
    manservant who attends to the personal needs of his employer
  39. aplomb
    absolute confidence in ones self
  40. éclat
    brilliancy of achievement
  41. élan
    enthusiasm, eagerness for action
  42. ennui
    feeling of bordom, discontent
  43. esprit de corps
    feeling of union and common intrerest
  44. finesse
    skill in handeling a difficult situation
  45. legerdemain
    sleight of hand, trick
  46. malaise
    feeling of illness
  47. noblesse oblige
    principe that persons of high rank or birth should act nobly
  48. rapport
    relationship characterized by harmony
  49. sangfroid
    coolness of mind in dealing with difficult situations
  50. savoir faire
    knowledge of just what to say or do, tact
  51. adieu
  52. au revoir
    goodbye, till we meet again
  53. billet-doux
    love letter
  54. bon mot
    clever saying or witty remark
  55. brochure
    pamplet, book
  56. canard
    false humor, absurd story, hoax
  57. chiché
    worn out expresson
  58. entre nous
    between us, confidentially
  59. mot juste
    exactly right word or expression
  60. nom de plume
    pen name
  61. précis
    brief summary
  62. repartee
    skill of replying quickly, cleverly, and humorously
  63. résumé
    summary, brief account of experience and qualifications by a worker
  64. riposte
    retort, repartee or a quick return thrust after a parry in fencing
  65. tete-a-tete
    private conversation between 2 people
  66. bete noire
    dreaded object or person
  67. carte blanche
    full power
  68. cause célébre
    famous case in law that arouses lots of interest
  69. contretemps
    inopportune occurance, embarrassing situation
  70. cul-de-sac
    dead end
  71. debacle
    collapse, disaster, overthrow
  72. fait accompli
    thing already done
  73. faux pas
    misstep, blunder in conduct or manners
  74. impasse
    deadlock, predicament with no clear way out
  75. laison
    bond, linking up, coordination of activities
  76. mélange
    mixture, medley
  77. mirage
    optical illusion
  78. coup d`etat
    sudden violent overthrow of a government
  79. demarche
    course of action
  80. détente
    relaxing of tention between nations
  81. entente
    agreement between governments
  82. laissez-faire
    doctine opposing government interference in buisness
  83. lattre de cachet
    letter bearing a seal ordering the imprisonment without trial of the person the letter names
  84. premier
    prime minister
  85. rapprochement
    establishment or state of cordial relations
  86. regime
    system of government or rule
  87. avant-garde
    experimentalists or innovators of any art
  88. bas-relief
    sculpture in witch the figures project only slightly from the backround
  89. baton
    rod a conductor uses to direct an orchestra or band
  90. chef d`oeuvre
    chief work, masterpiece
  91. denouement
    solution or untying of the plot
  92. encore
    audiences demand for an additional performance
  93. genre
    kind, sort, catagory
  94. musicale
    social gathering with music as the main entertainment
  95. palette
    thin board on which an artist mixes colors
  96. reoertoire
    collection, stock of plays a company is ready to perform
  97. vignette
    short verbal desctiption
  98. a la carte
    dish be dish, according to the menu
  99. a la mode
    according to fashion or with ice cream
  100. aperetif
    alchoholic drink taken before a meal
  101. bonbon
    piece of candy
  102. consommé
    clear soup, broth
  103. croissant
    rich, flakey roll
  104. cuisine
    style of cooking
  105. demitasse
    small cup of black coffee
  106. entrée
    the main dish at lunch or dinner
  107. filet
    slice of fish or meat without bones
  108. hors d`oevres
    light foods served as appitizers
  109. piéce de résistance
    main dish/main item at a show
  110. soup du jour
    soup of the day
  111. talbe d`hote
    complete meal of several courses
  112. bouffant
    puffed out, full
  113. boutique
    small shop specializing in fashionable clothes
  114. chemise
    loose fitting, sac-like dress
  115. coiffure
    style of arranging hair
  116. corsage
    small boquet worn by a woman
  117. cravat
    necktie, scarf
  118. ensemble
    coplete costume of harmonious clothing and accesories
  119. flamboyant
    flamelike, vivid
  120. toupee
    wig, hairpiece
  121. vogue
  122. ambience
    surroundings, atmosphere, enviornment
  123. apropos
    by the way
  124. avoirdupois
  125. bagatelle
  126. coup de grace
    a decisive finishing blow
  127. en route
    on the way
  128. etiqette
    code of behavior
  129. facade
    front of a building, false front
  130. fete
    festival, party
  131. foyer
    entrence hall
  132. milieu
    enviornment, setting, surroundings
  133. parasol
    umbrella for sun protection
  134. par excellence
    above all others (follows word it modefies)
  135. passé
    old fashioned
  136. pince-nez
    eyeglasses cliped to the nose by a spring
  137. premiere
    first performance
  138. queue
    line of persons or vehicles
  139. raison d`etre
    reason for existing
  140. rendezvous
    prearranged meeting place
  141. silhouette
    shadow, outline
  142. sobriquet
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