A&P Nervous 1

  1. radial nerve
    supplies the muscles of the posterior aspect of the arm and forearm
  2. Ulna nerve
    supplies the anteromedial muscles of the forearm and most of the muscles of the palm
  3. femoral nerve
    largest nerve arising from the lumbar plexus
  4. sciatic nerve
    the largest nerve of this plexus and also the largest nerve in the body
  5. subdural space
    between the dura matter and the arachnoid
  6. epidural space
    between the vertebral walls and the dura matter. Which is filled with fat, connective tissue, and blood vessels
  7. dura matter
    (tough mother) the outer layer
  8. subarachnoid space
    between the arachnoid and the pia matter
  9. cervical enlargement
    gives rise to nerves that supply the upper extremities
  10. lumbosacral enlargement
    gives rise to the nerves that supply the lower extremities
  11. arachnoid
    (spider-like) the middle meninx
  12. meninges
    the spinal cord is covered by 3 layers of connective tissue called
  13. fissure
    deep groove running along its entire length
  14. sulcus
    shallow groove running along its length
  15. afferent (sensory neurons)
    neurons that transmit information from receptor in the body to the central nervous system
  16. efferent (motor neurons)
    nerve cells that transmit information from the central nervous system to the muscles and glands
  17. association neurons
    other neurons located entirely in the brain and spinal cord, transmit impulses from sensory neurons to motor neurons
  18. unipolar neurons
    neurons with only a single cellular process. These neurons are ALWAYS affarent neurons; their single process is an axon, and their dendrite-like endsconnect directly to the axon.
  19. multipolar neurons
    neurons with more that two cellular processes (many dendrites, but only one axon) These are either efferent or association neurons.
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    multipolar neuron
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    unipolar neuron
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