Kingdom plantae

  1. Alteration Of Generations
    • plants and some species of algae. Includes both diploid and haploid
    • multicellular stages.
  2. Sporophyte
    • the spore-producing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having
    • alternation of generations
  3. Gametophyte
    • the gamete-producing individual or phase in the life cycle of a
    • plant having alternation of generations
  4. Cuticle
    • Waxy coating on the exposed surface of a
    • plant
  5. Roots
    • absorb and distribute waters and minerals and anchors the
    • plant
  6. Stem
    • Positions the leaf where it can get optimal
    • sunlight
  7. Leaves
    • Capture sunlight, releases H2O and
    • O2
  8. Stomata
    • pores on a leaf that open and close to let CO2 in, O2 out, and
    • regulate water
  9. Xylem
    • Conducts water and minerals up the plant, consist of tracheids
    • and vessels
  10. Phloem
    • regulate sugar sap to keep the plant and stem
    • alive
  11. Rhizome
    Large underground fern root
  12. Frond
    Fern Leaf
  13. Fiddlehead
    immature coiled frond
  14. Angiosperm
    • plants having seeds in a closed
    • ovary
  15. Herbaceous
    • characteristic of a nonwoody herb or plant
    • part
  16. Dicot
    • has two cotyledons, branched veins, flower parts in multiples
    • of 4 or 5
  17. monocot
    • has one cotyledon, parallel veins, flower parts in multiples of
    • 3
  18. Sepals
    • protect the developing bud, in the outermost
    • whorl
  19. petals
    • designed to attract pollinators, in the 2nd
    • whorl
  20. stamen
    • male reproductive structure, in the 3rd
    • whorl
  21. filament
    • part of the stamen that supports the
    • anther
  22. anther
    • part of the stamen that produces
    • pollen
  23. pistil
    • female reproductive structure in the 4th
    • whorl
  24. stigma
    • part of the pistil, a sticky top which pollen lands
    • on
  25. style
    • part of the pistil that connects the stigma to the
    • ovary
  26. Taproot
    • main root of a plant growing straight downward from the
    • stem
  27. Fibrous Root
    threadlike, branched root.
  28. Root Cap
    • dead cells at the tip of the root that protect the root as it
    • grows
  29. Zone of Cell Division
    • The zone of primary growth in roots consisting of the root
    • apical meristem and its derivatives. New roots cells are produced in this
    • region.
  30. Zone of elongation
    • region of the root where cells begin to grow in
    • size
  31. Zone of Maturation
    • Region of the root where cells begin to take on specialized
    • jobs and functions
  32. Whorl
    ring of leaves around a stem
  33. apical meristem
    • a tissue that carries out primary
    • growth
  34. Epidermis
    • Outermost tissue of a plant which acts as a barrier and absorbs
    • minerals and water
  35. Cortex
    Storage cells of a plant
  36. Endodermis
    • boundary around the vascular tissue that regulates what enters
    • or leaves the tissue
  37. Pith
    • Storage cells inside the vascular
    • tissue
  38. Stem
    produces and supports leaves
  39. Venation
    • the arrangement of veins in a
    • leaf
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