1. Allergic Effect
    When the body interprets the drug as an invader and creates antibodies against said drug.
  2. Toxic Effect
    An effect that causes damage to the body
  3. Idiodyncratic Effect
    Rare and unpredictable reations to drugs.
  4. Loading Dose
    A large dose that quickly gets serum levels to theraputic. Usually followed by a lower maintanance dose.
  5. Drug incompatibility
    When two or more drugs react and creat an undesireable effect.
  6. Drug Tolerance
    When the body becomes adjusted to the drug over time.
  7. Theraputic Range
    Serum level that causes the desired effect and does not result in toxicity.
  8. Half-Life
    The amount of time it takes for half of the drug to be eliminated from drug concentration.
  9. Drug Interactions
    When one drug is effected by another drug, food or another substance. May or may not be benefitial.
  10. Pharmacodynamics
    What the drug does to the body
  11. Adverse Drug Effects
    Side effects. An undesireable effect other than intended theraputic effect. Some are tolerable and predictiable. Some are more severe and require discontinued use.
  12. Excretion
    Elimination. Process by whice a metabolized drug is removed from body.
  13. Metabolism
    Biotransformation. The change of a drug from its original form to a new form that is less active and or toxic.
  14. Distribution
    The transportation of a drug through the bloodstream from its site of absorption to its site of action.
  15. Absorption
    The site of entry iof drug into the bloodstream.
  16. Pharmacokinetics
    What the body does to the drug.
  17. Generic Name
    Assigned by the manufacturer who first develops the drug.
  18. Trade name.
    Brand. Selected by the drug company who sells the drug and is protected by trade mark.
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