Art Mid Term

  1. Medium
    A particular material along with its techniques
  2. Media
    (Plural of medium) Clay, fiber, stone, wood, paint etc.
  3. Mixed media
    Art made with a combination of different materials
  4. Representational Art
    Objective, looks real
  5. Abstract Art
    Shows essence of something real
  6. Non-representational Art
    Not real, doesn't look like anything
  7. Trompe l'oeil
    Fool the eye, very realistic painting
  8. Form
    What we see
  9. Content
    What we interpret as the meaning of what we see
  10. Iconography
    Symbolic meaning of signs and objects
  11. Atmospheric prespective
    Changing color, detail, value to show vast distance
  12. Primaries of light
    Red, blue, green
  13. Hue
    Name of color
  14. Value
    From light to dark
  15. Intensity
    From bright to dull
  16. Directional forces
    Paths for the eye
  17. Rhythm
    Movement or structure
  18. Scale
    Size relative to other objects or its environment
  19. Proportion
    The size of part to a whole or one another
  20. Cartoon
    Full size drawing made as a guide for a larger work
  21. Pigment
  22. Binder
    Mixes to hold the paint together
  23. Vehicle
    Spreads the pigment
  24. Support
    Canvas, wood, paper
  25. Sizing
    Sealer to lessen absorbancy
  26. Gesso
    Plaster of parts
  27. Gouche
    Opaque watercolor
  28. Tempera
    Pigments in egg yolk
  29. Encaustic
    Pigments in hot beeswax
  30. Fresco
    Pigments in water applied to wet plaster
  31. Glaze
    A thin transparent film of color applied over a previously painted surface
  32. Impasto
    Thick application of paint
  33. Relief Print
    Engraved cut, all engraved parts don't hold ink
  34. Intaglio Print
    Opposite of relief, ink goes into the engravings
  35. Lithography
    Drawing on stone
  36. Camera obscura
    Darkened room to trace, start of camera
  37. Previsualization
    Ansel Adams & Edward Westen
  38. D.W. Griffith
    Father of film
  39. Sculpture
    Exists in space
  40. Relief Sculpture
    Projects from background surface
  41. Modeling
    1) Additive Process
    2) Armature
    3) Casting
    • 1) Adding on and on
    • 2) A rigid inner support
    • 3) Opposite of additive
  42. Logo
    Identification mark made with letters
  43. Symbol
    Identification mark based on pictures
  44. Serif font
    Early euro style
  45. Sans serif font
    More modern
  46. Typography
    Type faces and fonts
  47. David Carson
    Revolutionized industry of design
  48. Colonnade
    Row of columns connected by beams
  49. Round Arch
    Romans Perfected
  50. Arcade
    Arches supported by columns
  51. Minarettes
    Side towers
  52. Flying Buttresses
    Support with stone half arches
  53. Crystal Palace
    Built for great exhibition
  54. International Style
    Le Corbusier (Interior Columns)
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