Human Anatomy

  1. clavicle
    • the collarbone
    • sternal end: rounded hammer-like head
    • shaft:
    • •conoid tubercle: near acromial end, rough tuberosity faces posteriorly and slightly downward
    • acromial end: flattened end
  2. scapula
    triangular plate that overlies ribs 2 through 7
  3. borders of the scapula
    • superior: ridge on anterior, medial side
    • medial (vertebral): on medial side
    • lateral (axillary): on lateral edge
  4. body of the scapula
    • glenoid fossa/cavity: shallow socket that articulates with the head of the humerus
    • supraspinous fossa: cavity between spine of scapula and superior border
    • infraspinous fossa: broad surface on posterior side
    • (supra)scapular notch: small notch on superior side
    • spine: transverse shelf-like ridge on posterior side
    • coracoid process: shaped like a bent finger
    • acromion process: plate-like extension of scapular spine, articulates with clavicle (the only bridge from appendicular to axial skeleton)
  5. proximal end of the humerus
    • head
    • greater tubercle: anterior side
    • lesser tubercle: anterior side
    • bicipital groove (intertubercular groove): groove between tubercles on the anterior, lateral side
  6. shaft of the humerus
    deltoid tuberosity: below intertubercular groove, on anterior side
  7. distal end of the humerus
    • medial epicondyle: larger epicondyle
    • lateral epicondyle: smaller epicondyle
    • trochlea: medial condyle
    • capitulum: lateral epicondyle
    • olecranon fossa: larger pit on posterior side (accommodates process of the ulna)
    • coronoid fossa: smaller medial pit on anterior side
  8. proximal end of the radius
    • small, flat end
    • head
    • radial tuberosity: medial side
  9. distal end of the radius
    • styloid process: bony point proximal to thumb
    • ulnar notch: articulates with end of ulna, on medial side
  10. proximal end of the ulna
    • trochlear notch: c-shaped notch
    • olecranon process: "elbow," posterior side
    • coronoid process: anterior side, less prominent
    • radial notch: lateral side
  11. distal end of the ulna
    styloid process: medial side
  12. carpals of the wrist:
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    • proximal row from lateral to medial:
    • scaphoid
    • lunate
    • triquetral
    • pisiform
    • distal row from lateral to medial:
    • trapezium
    • trapezoid
    • capitate
    • hamate
  13. metacarpals of the palm
    numbered I through V from lateral (thumb) to medial (pinkie)
  14. phalanges
    proximal, middle, and distal phalanx I - V
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