1. Exordium Clause
    The introductory clause to a will or codicil
  2. Revocation Clause
    The clause in the will that cancels an already existing will
  3. Boilerplate
    Standard language used in similar documents
  4. Residuary Clause
    A provision in a will that leaves to a designated beneficiary all remaining property not previously gifted
  5. Predetermined Heir
    A child or other relative, whether living or not yet born, of the decedent who has been omitted from the will
  6. "in terrorism" clause
    A provision in a will that states a beneficiary will not receive his or her gift if he or she contests the will
  7. Survivorship Clause or Delay Clause
    A provision of a will that requires a beneficiary to outlive the decedent by a certain specified period of time for the gift to pass to him or her
  8. Simultaneous Death Clause
    A provision in a will that provides that another person predeceased the decedent if it is unclear who dies first.
  9. Fiduciary
    One who acts on behalf of another with trust and confidence.
  10. Guardian
    A person who has legal authority and a duty to act on behalf of a minor or mentally incompetent person
  11. Testimonium Clause
    The provision in a will stating that the testator is signing and dating the document
  12. Attestation Clause
    The clause at the end of a will or codicil that states the witnesses certify the document was executed before them
  13. Execution
    The completion of all actions to make a document valid
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