Human Anatomy

  1. supraorbital notch/ foramen
    frontal bone: notch, hole above eye socket, passageway for cranial nerve #5
  2. coronal suture
    frontal bone: "crown" suture across the top of the skull
  3. sagittal suture
    parietal bones: suture from front to back of skull
  4. occipital condyles
    occipital bone: surround hole at base of skull
  5. foramen magnum
    occipital bone: foramen = "hole" magnum = "large"
  6. lambdoidal suture
    occipital bone: upside down "v" greek letter Λ = lambda
  7. external occipital protuberance
    occipital bone: bump on midline on back of skull (muscles pull on protuberances)
  8. styloid process
    temporal bone: long pointy structure
  9. external auditory (acoustic) meatus
    temporal bone: ear hole
  10. mastoid process
    temporal bone: large bumps posterior to ear
  11. internal auditory (acoustic) meatus
    temporal bone: back of ridge in the cranial cavity, hole for auditory nerve
  12. mandibular fossa
    temporal bone: where lower jaw attaches to skull (gel)
  13. squamous suture
    temporal bone: squamous = "scales"
  14. zygomatic process
    temporal bone: forms part of cheekbone, anterior to external auditory meatus
  15. carotid canal
    temporal bone: front side of ridge in cranial cavity, carotid artery, main blood supply for brain
  16. jugular foramen
    temporal bone: larger hole on back of ridge in cranial cavity
  17. foramen lacerum
    temporal bone: on either side of dip on inferior side of the skull
  18. sphenoid bone
    butterfly shaped bone
  19. greater wings of the sphenoid
    sphenoid bone: basins on either side of dip in the cranial cavity
  20. lesser wings of the sphenoid
    sphenoid bone: manta-ray
  21. sella turcica
    sphenoid bone: dip in cranial cavity for pituitary gland, "Turkish saddle"
  22. optic foramen
    sphenoid bone: through lesser wings of the sphenoid bone
  23. foramen ovale
    sphenoid bone: oval hole anterior to carotid canal
  24. foramen rotundum
    sphenoid bone: anterior to lesser wings
  25. foramen spinosum
    sphenoid bone: tiny hole
  26. superior orbital fissure
    sphenoid bone: crack under lesser wings
  27. medial pterygoid plates
    sphenoid bone: on inferior side of the skull, towards the midline of the body
  28. lateral pterygoid plates
    sphenoid bone: on inferior side of the skull, away from midline of the body
  29. cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone
    ethmoid bone: on either side of the crista galli
  30. perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone
    ethmoid bone: thin, median plate that forms the superior 2/3 of the nasal septum, meets vomer
  31. crista galli
    ethmoid bone: clitoris
  32. inferior nasal conchae
    inferior set of bones on the sides of the nasal cavity
  33. vomer
    forms the inferior portion of the nasal septum, shaped like a triangle pointing into nose
  34. nasal bones
    two small rectangular bones form the bridge of the nose
  35. lacrimal bone
    inner corner of eyes, smallest bones of the skull
  36. nasolacrimal canal
    lacrimal bone: for duct that carries tears from the eyes to the nasal cavity
  37. alveolar process
    maxilla: ridge that holds a tooth
  38. infraorbital foramen
    maxilla: hole below eye
  39. zygomatic bone
    bone that forms cheek
  40. palatine bone
    bone that forms posterior part of the palate
  41. mandibular condyle
    mandible: posterior part of "U"
  42. coronoid process
    mandible: anterior part of "U"
  43. mental foramen
    mandible: chin hole in anterior part of the jaw
  44. mandibular foramen
    mandible: hole under "U"
  45. alveolar process
    mandible: ridge that holds a tooth
  46. hyoid bone
    u-shaped bone between chin and larynx
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