science vocab

  1. virus
    a tiny nonliving paritcle that invades and then reproduces inside a living cell
  2. Eukaryote
    An organism that DOES have a nuceus membrain
  3. prokaryote
    An organism that does NOT have a nuceus membrain
  4. saprotroph
    an organsim that can live off of a dead or decaying organic material
  5. heterptroph
    an organsim that cannot make it own food
  6. autotroph
    an organsim that makes it own food
  7. eutrophication
    the build up over time of nutrients in fresh water lake and ponds that leads to an increase in the growth of algae
  8. species
    a group of similar organsims that can mate with each other and produce offspring that can also mate and reproduce
  9. genus
    a classification grouping that consists of a number of similar, closely related species
  10. taxonomy
    the scientific study of how livng things are calssifed
  11. bacteriophage
    a virus that infect bacteria
  12. parasite
    an organsim that lives on or in a host and cause harm to the host
  13. host
    an organism that provides a source of energy or a suitable environment for a virus or another organsim to live
  14. bacteria
    singled celled organsims that LACK a nucleus. like a Prokaryote
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