Chapter 6 Implementation and Evaluation

  1. Time flexible are
    tasks that can be done any time.
  2. Time fixed are
    tasks that must be done at a set time.
  3. Before carrying out the specific interventions listed on the plan of care,
    identify the reason for the intervention, the rationale for the intervention, the usual standard of care, the expected outcome, and any potential dangers.
  4. Independent nursing action
    does not require a physicians order, but it does require critical thinking and nursing judgment.
  5. Dependent nursing action would be
    the administration of medication because it requires a physicians orders.
  6. Interdependent action would be
    those that come from collaborative planning. helping the patient practice speech exercises
  7. Clinical pathway/care map or collaborative care plan is
    step by step approach to the total care of the patient.
  8. If the expected outcomes are considered met
    the nurses notes must contain data to support this.
  9. Outcome-based quality improvement programs are
    used to evaluate nursing care delivered to patients. goal is improvement of nursing practice.
  10. Nursing audit is
    the examination of a series of patient records to determine if nursing care for those patients met particular standards and particular outcomes.
  11. Continuous quality improvement is
    the purpose of evaluating nursing care by identifying specific areas that need changes.
  12. Evaluation
    involves reassessment of data to determine whether the expected outcomes have been achieved.
  13. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs 1st level
    Physiological needs for food, water, air, sleep, elimination, rest, free of pain
  14. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs 2nd level
    Safety needs for security, stability, order, protection, free of fear and anxiety
  15. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs 3rd level
    Physchological needs to love and be loved, belonging, closeness
  16. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs 4th level
    Psychological needs for esteem and self esteem
  17. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs 5th level
    Psychological need for self actualization through realizing individual potential to its fullest
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